cute pictures alert! (plus a job update)

(Will - almost 17 months old :: Anna - almost 3 years and 1 month old)

This post is mainly to share the photos (super-cute, don't you think?) above, but I also have a small update on my job. So...two Fridays ago, my project ended and I have been back "on the bench" since last Monday. We are hopeful that the client will bring us back in May/June, but in the meantime, I have been doing job search of my own, both internally and externally. Job searching doesn't take up the whole day, which means more time with the kiddos AND free time to myself. It's pretty wonderful!  So nice to have a break.

The above pictures were taken two days ago. I was feeling kind of bored after their nap so I put them in sort-of matching outfits for pictures. Haha. I love them in shorts and white tees.


  1. They are adorable! I think the color they are wearing suits them too! The deep blue and pinks are eye-catching (and look so comfy!)

  2. I think the whole family needs to sport some shorts and white tees for a big fat ohana shot!


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