children's books that are worth reading

I can't believe I let a week slip by without blogging. I mean, things haven't been busy. In fact, they have been downright slow of late. I am still waiting for a project to come along, Anna is still not-crying at school, and Will is still as cute as ever. We are all doing well.

It's Saturday afternoon and both kids are napping, so I thought I would write a quick post on....children's books!

I will fully admit it - sometimes the books we check out from the library bore me to tears and I find myself at the end of the book having no recollection of what I just read aloud. Does this happen to you too? This is precisely why I like to borrow books base on recommendations and if you are in the same boat, here are some books that we've read lately that I think are pretty good.  As you can see, we are a big fan of Mo Willem (love the repetition of words, easy for Anna to "read" on her own) and recently discovered Julia Donaldson (love her clever rhymes).  These books are terrific for preschoolers.
What books have you read lately that I should be borrowing from the library? Do tell.


  1. When kids insist on reading their favorite books over and over and over, it's doubly important that the reader (us) actually enjoys the books as well. Lord knows there's been tons of books that we've forced the kids to stop liking simply because we couldn't stand them.

  2. We love, and these may be age appropriate for yours, Iggy Peck Architect and For Just One Day

    1. Thanks for the suggestions, will reserve them at the library!


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