Call me social media slow poke,

but I finally get what the fuss is all about. Instagram is my new favorite. It turns my daily (read: poorly lit, not well composed, and probably blurry) photos into fun memory pieces. It's a pretty neat app, but I am sure most of you already knew that. As I said, I am a social media slow poke.

We had another great outing to Meadowlark yesterday. It seems like we go there every weekend, doesn't it? Haha, I promise we expose our kids to other places! But yesterday, we were about to just stay in because Anna has the runny nose when, at the last minute, we decided the weather was too beautiful to not go out. So a 10-minute drive later, we were there and I instagram-ed like a madwoman.

Then we stayed out for lunch. We went to this nearby Chinese restaurant that specializes in fresh hand-pulled noodles. Fresh noodles really do taste better, no lie. Not sure how to describe it. Texture?  Density? I would love for this restaurant to be our go-to place, just like Pho 75. The food is good (the kids love the noodles!), but the service sucks so I honestly don't know how often we will be going back.


  1. Hi Joyce! Those hand pulled noodles sound amazing! Meadowlark looks like such a scenic and fun area. We have favorite spots near our house that we visit again and again too. I'm so glad spring is arriving/here so we can play outside more often!

  2. The thing is, the popular places around us are usually filled with people. And I for one simply cannot stand crowds, let alone crowds of unruly kids. At least at this park, the rowdy kids are all spread out so they can't really bother me much.

    And yes, the service at Lotus Garden sucks balls, the staff there can't really seem to think outside the box and for some reason, the owners saw fit to equip their shop with only 2 highchairs. So for folks without kids, they probably never deal with the headaches families do, but it's enough for me to walk my money elsewhere.

  3. It a beautiful place - no need to feel guilty about going there!!

  4. Yay for joining IG!!!! Hehe. I was addicted for a while and stepped back a few months ago. Nice to have my life back, hehe. That noodle place sounds yum and authentic. Sure if hard to find THAT anymore. Service sucks, but it's a Chinese place. What do you expect ;).


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