Will - 16 Months Update

Will turned 16 months old last Friday! Here is what's going on in his toddler life:
Will - 16 Months

Transitioning to 1 Nap

Just after Will turned 15 months old, we pushed him to one nap a day. He was consistently skipping his afternoon nap, which meant that after he got up from his morning nap around 11:15a, he was awake until 7p (his bedtime). Crazy. So now we put him down for his one nap at 1p (same as Anna’s nap time) and it usually lasts about 2 hours. His bedtime is still 7p.

As long as he’s not in the car, he’s good at staying awake until 1p. But on the weekends, when we run around, he falls asleep in the car often, which messes up his nap. Like yesterday, I took the kids out for a playdate. We left their place at 11a and Will immediately fell asleep on the drive back. Although it was only an 8-minute drive, it was enough to disrupt his 1p naptime. Eventually he still went down, but not without a fight.


On the eating front, not much has changed since his 15-months update. The boy continues to love fruit – grapes, oranges, banana, kiwi, anything. For vegetables, he will eat broccoli and spinach and that’s about it. It’s a hit or miss with protein. Sometimes he eats lots of meat (chicken) and fish (salmon), sometimes he won’t touch it. I do know that he eats a lot better when he’s not confined to his booster seat. So a lot of times, I will feed him the “good stuff” on the floor, and then strap him down for macaroni.

Will still gets 4 bottles a day (200cc each). He doesn’t need bottles to fall asleep, but it’s more of a routine and to get more calories in him.


I am terrible at keeping track of words Will can say so I know this list is not complete, but from the top of my head, he says: mama, baba, nose, bye-bye, door, brush, throw, ball, wawa (water), and done. He repeats a bunch of other words after us, too. He also knows some Chinese words, such as horse, dog, and pig. When Anna was his age, she can follow simple commands, such as “throw the diaper in trash” or “go get a book.” When we say them to Will, sometimes he does it, sometimes not. So I am not sure if he completely understands.
Will - 16 Months


Will is perfect to me. He’s happy, cuddly, playful, easy-going, independent. The list goes on! I remember Anna throwing tantrums already at this stage, but with Will, it’s hardly the case. Maybe it’s because he’s used to his sister taking stuff away from him, but when we tell him “no,” he has no problems moving onto something else. Just this morning, after playing with the Kindle for a while, I told him, “all done” and took it away. He acted like nothing happened.

So in our family, the girl is the sensitive, moody one, but the boy is happy, go-with-the-flow type. I wonder if that’s just their personalities, or it has something to do with their birth order?
Will - 16 Months
Will - 16 Months

But there is more!

Will started walking in the late fall/early winter, and because we just tend to stay at home more during the winter months, he really hasn’t had any opportunities to walk outside. Haha, he has an irrational fear of grass and when he was surrounded by snow earlier this month, he didn’t want to move an inch. When the weather warms up, I cannot wait to let him run around outside more. Last year, he was still a tiny baby, so all the summer activities I have planned are all going to be a great new experience for him.
Will - 16 Months

My favorite time of the day with Will is in the early morning, after I feed and change him, I let him run around in our bedroom while I get ready for work. When he sees me brush my teeth, he skips on over, holds out his hand, and says brush. I hand him his brush, and he lets out the biggest smile. Then he proceeds to chew on his brush while dancing in front of the mirror.

- Will likes to scream. He puts his whole body into it and loves it when we scream with him.
- He likes to run in circles with his sister.
- He has favorite books – the Chinese animal safari book, the touch-and-feel books, and those recordable books.
- When he sees food and isn’t getting a piece of it, he fusses. It’s the only time he would even fuss.
- He scribbles with markers.
- He can put food into his mouth with a spoon. 20% of the time.
- He fell down the stairs this month. Just maybe 5-6 steps high. Fortunately, no injuries!
- He brings Pesto’s treat bag over to us, but when we give him one to feed the dog, he backs away.

Will - 16 Months
Will - 16 Months


  1. Oh my, that bathtub photo is perfect! I love the letters all over the tub, the babe climbing out, the gorgeous baby skin....Perfect. :)

  2. He is such a great little guy that is so different from his sister. Calm and cool, except when he's hungry...


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