snow day!

Yesterday, the weather looked like this. It was warm enough to go out in flip flops.
Note to self: the timestamp above is in the dd/mm/yy format.

Today, it's looking like this:
This is Anna's first SNOW DAY. She got to stay home instead of going to school, which is her favorite! place! in! the! world! Sense my sarcasm? Anyway, I am home today, too, so we all went out to play in the snow for a bit. Anna had tons of fun shoveling/digging for grass and Will basically didn't want to move unless I held his hand. The kids are napping now (yes, they are on the same napping schedule!), but we may go out again later.  We are having a good day so far!


  1. What a jip, we were supposed to get covered in snow. Looks like we'll be lucky to even see 5 inches. As usual, weathermen suck...

    1. I am just glad Anna got to make her snow angel. She has talked about it all winter!


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