DIY Egg Shakers!

I made these egg shakers to put in Anna and Will's Easter baskets. They turned out above average, so I thought I would post a quick tutorial.

Actually, I don't think a tutorial is necessary, the pictures explain it all.

First, I used the following supplies: mod podge, plastic eggs, magnetic tape (totally unnecessary, and only made the project SKIP IT), brush, tissue paper, rice, beans, and scissors.
Fill the plastic eggs with either rice or beans and seal with magnetic tape.
Cup the tissue paper into skinny strips and cover the eggs with them using mod podge.  This is where I realized that using BLACK magnetic tape was a bad idea. I had put on layers and layers of tissue paper to hide the black. I suggest using hot glue gun to seal the eggs or just skip it altogether.
Eventually, once I got the technique down, it got easier and looked better. It still took a while.  I originally wanted to do 6, but ended up with 3. One I tossed away because it looked so bad and I left two naked

Whenever Will hears music, he picks up an instrument and starts marching around the table. I think he will enjoy these shakers very much. Overall, it was a good project and I am glad that there is something handmade in their baskets.
And now onto the baskets!!

This is actually my first year putting together Easter baskets. I bought the baskets, grass, chalk & holder ($1 at Target), and Peeps, but used a lot what we already had in the house. Haha. In fact, the little activity book in Anna's basket was stolen from an Easter goody bag she received at school.  The cellephone bag in Will's basket is goldfish crackers.  The one in Anna's basket is bear-shaped chocolate graham crackers.
Can't wait to hand them out on Easter! IMG_0407


  1. It looks like Anna and Will will be receiving two baskets each. I made one for them too.

  2. I still don't see a chocolate bunny anywhere in these pics. ^___^


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