Anna's 3rd Birthday: Dinner & Cake

Before Anna’s 3rd birthday fades into a distant memory, here is a recap of what happened the rest of the day.

(And just as a reminder, she woke up to tons of balloons and hubs + I volunteered at her school’s St. Patrick’s Day party.)

After I drove her home from school, I went back to work while she had lunch and napped. Then when we all got home, we played in her room for a while, but nothing was more exciting than throwing those balloons down the stairs.
We decided to eat at Olive Garden because 1) it was close to home, 2) we had a coupon (two free kids entrees!), and 3) unlimited soup and breadsticks! Both kids LOVED the smoothies and feasted on mac n’ cheese.
By the time we were done, we were SO stuffed, but there was still cake waiting for us at home....

This year, I actually made the cake using a tin can (got the idea from here). Anna herself helped with the baking the day before. Her only request was a “pink cake." Such a sweet + simple request and I was happy to honor it. I bought a box of pink lemonade cake mix and a tub of frosting with sprinkles. I have to admit that as pretty and cute as the cake looked (hubs did a great job putting it together), it tasted gross. Way too sweet and it didn't help that we were already full. Still, we all ate it because it was a birthday!

We all sang "Happy Birthday" to her.
Anna's Third Birthday
Family photo. See photos from 2011 and 2012.
Anna's Third Birthday
She liked her pink cake!
Anna's Third Birthday
After the cake, it was a mad rush for presents, bath, hardly any pictures got taken. But, Anna went to bed with a smile plastered on her face so it was definitely a memorable day!

Anna - Happy Birthday!  Here's to a wonderful new year of BEING 3. You are so loved!

(slapping my hand on the forehead!) We forgot to measure her height on her birthday. Two days later, she stands just a little bit shy of 36 inches. :)
PS. I do want to give a shout-out to the Grandparents who took Anna out the Saturday before her birthday for lunch AND dinner. Both meals involved noodles.  It was a happy birthday indeed.


  1. So we have a 3 year old in the family now. She's definitely trying at times, but I guess it's just far for the course at this age. Hopefully we all survive through this in one piece. One thing's for sure though, no more homemade birthday cakes, EVER! We'll leave those to the baking experts.

    1. Agreed. We will only buy those not-as-sweet Asian cakes from now on.


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