Anna's 3 Year Old Update

These pictures were taken on Anna’s 3rd birthday. There was a St. Patrick’s Day party at her school, which hubs and I, along with another mom, volunteered to do crafts with the kids and bring treats. We volunteered specifically for it because we thought it would be fun for Anna to see us at school on her special day.
Anna's Third Birthday
She finished that entire cupcake, not a crumb left.

For some reason, three seems like a big number and it really brings Anna out of toddler-ville and into her preschool years. Waaaaaahhh! My little girl is growing up so fast...!

Anyway, here is what's going on in her life:


Anna seems to know all her uppercase and lowercase letters, and knows the phonic sounds to most letters. She has recently become interested in letter sounds. She says the word, isolates the first sound, and then tells me the letter it starts with. She says brainy stuff, like, “Dinner starts with a d, like dog.” She can identify simple words when we ask her base on the sounds.

She counts to 20, but skips a few in between (mostly 15, 16, and 17), and identifies 0-10.

She holds scissors correctly and can cut strips and all kinds of shapes. I know she does lots of cutting a school, but she often asks to cut at home, too. She also likes to watercolor, but because I don’t do at along with her, she loses interest pretty quickly.  She can draw people.

I have been getting Anna to do puzzles more. I want her to master it! But alas, as of right now, she can only do 24-piece puzzles completely on her own. My next goal is for her to do 48-piece puzzles, but that requires me sitting down with her and lots of patience. So far, it hasn’t happened yet.
Anna's Third Birthday
Making her rainbow bracelet.

Behavior / Temperament

Anna is at the stage where she likes to do things on her own terms. She doesn’t want to be told to come downstairs, go potty, get her outfit. The way around that is I give her warnings. I say things like, “Five more minutes and then come downstairs.” As long as I give her some kind of transition period, she is cool about it. But if a tantrum begins, threatening to take things away seems to work most of the time.

Sometimes when Anna gets mad, she will grab her Minnie doll and blanket and head upstairs to her room. I can’t believe a little 3 year old girl can be so moody already! This is the behavior we are trying to discourage. I know that if we just leave her alone, she will come around eventually. But I remember acting this way to my parents and staying in my room for the whole day as a teenager! Ha, definitely don’t want my daughter to act like I did!

The biggest thing happening in Anna's life is GOING TO SCHOOL. Teachers at school describe Anna as sweet, stubborn, strong-willed, tenacious, and "a tough nut to crack." She's having a hard time at school simply because she doesn't want to be there. But the most disappointing of all is that it doesn't seem to be getting better. We have tried everything (reasoning, ignoring, taking things away) and nothing is getting though her. She has a negative feeling toward school and playing with other kids and I have no idea where it is coming from. Anyone got a clue?

Right now, Anna has a very strong fussy personality. She's a tad spoiled - not about material things - but about wanting things exactly her way. If she doesn't get it, she whines and cries about it. She is annoyingly high-maintenance!  The "Thrilling Threes" is ringing true for us.

Deep down, though, she's still good kid. We are doing our best to work with her and her gigantic desire for automomy.  Hope she will come around soon.
Anna's Third Birthday
I don't want to end the post negatively so thinking through what Anna is doing lately, I have to admit, it really is a lot of fun, too! It’s so awesome to have actual conversations and to hear and see all the things she is able to say and do. She loves reading stories and dancing to music. She can be so tender and kind and has a serious love for her family. She loves to create imaginative play scenarios (often serving us bug cookies with tea) and she really is never bored. She relishes in simple things - such as walking around Target or playing in the park.  Yes, there are tantrums and moments of sheer preschool irrationality, but hanging around a three year old really is thrilling.

This is turning into a novel, but I am not quite done talking about my big 3 year old girl yet.  More later.


  1. I've been doing some thinking. Maybe Anna simply doesn't like this school, maybe she'd like a different school? Could just be an environmental thing. Who knows...we'll get through this together and keep loving her just the same.

    1. I don't know. I can't see anything wrong with this school. And can't imagine that sending her to a different school will be any better. Oh well. She only has 3 months left before summer...hopefully this fall will be better.


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