Almost 3: Wonky Mushrooms

Anna is about to turn 3. I will be writing a series of posts throughout the next few weeks, in the hopes that it can help me remember what is happening in her world at this time.
Yesterday we were playing outside with chalk and Anna exclaimed that she was drawing a person!

She drew a circle head, a body, two eyes, hair, and a mouth. On one occassion, she even drew some arms.

She explained it all right here:

(It looked a bit like a mushroom to me.)

But I was like, - Oh WOW! Anna can draw a person!

She went ahead and drew a bunch of people on our driveway.
I think it's pretty cool that she's moving away from scribbles to drawing "real things!"

(And yes, someone is about to celebrate a birthday around here.)


  1. These have been trying times lately. While she is so much more fun these days, she's also a lot more aggravating. I guess that's just part of learning to be a parent...


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