Will - 15 Months Update

We bought this and the kids are having a blast with it.  I am getting the tent next!

Will used to be a good eater, but he has been eating less and less solids. He has long moved beyond purees and eats table food like the rest of us. But the problem is that he still only has 6 teeth, all in the front, so I think it’s tough for him to chew. On the other hand, he may just prefer playing over being strapped down to eat. Luckily, he drinks a good amount milk so I am not too worried about him.

If he doesn't eat much of lunch or dinner, we give him lots of fruit and he loves it all.  The amount of fruit we buy for the kids is costing us a small fortune.

15 Month Checkup
Will had his 15 month well checkup this month. He weighs 26 lbs 15.5 oz (50th percentile) and is 31.25 inches tall (90th percentile). Hubs took him for the checkup and when I saw that 90th percentile written on the stats sheet, I was shocked. :)  I hope he keeps it up!

Lately Will has been skipping his afternoon nap, even though I don’t think he’s ready for just one nap either. However, he has been having trouble going down for his second nap for a few days now. He fusses and cries in his crib, and eventually, we just go pick him up if he doesn’t fall asleep after an hour. Anna was completely transitioned to one nap by 15 months, so it would be great if Will was the same way. Being on one nap will make our lives easier because he will be on a similar schedule as Anna.  The timing is good too because as the weather gets warmer, weekend trips will go a lot smoother when we don't need to worry about Will's morning nap.

This is Will’s current schedule if he takes two naps. If he decides to skip the afternoon nap, then bed time is about 7:00p instead.

6:30 – 7:00a – Wake up
9:30 – 10:00a – Morning Nap (1 hour and 10 minutes)
2:30 – 3:00p Afternoon Nap (1 hour)
7:15p – Bedtime

In addition to bye-bye and ball, Will says throw whenever he throws something. These are the only words he says without any prompt. However, he repeats many words after us, like wawa (water), mama, baba, and nana (Anna). By 15 months, 3-4 words for a toddler is average, so he’s right on track.

Recently, Will has been really into bringing us books. He goes to the shelves, pick up a book, walk over, and wave it in front of us. If we are busy to pay attention, he throws a fit. So he’s definitely becoming more aware and emotional.  When I sit down with him on the floor, he uses me as his chair and sits in my lap.  Love that.

Will may have a touch of stranger anxiety, but it's nothing like Anna's.  Because of Lunar New Year, we had been making trips to hubs' parents' house for dinners with a bunch of people there.  All the unfamiliar faces didn't phase him a bit.  He was his usual happy self, with a huge smile plastered across his face.  However, when he was worn out and needed someone to hold, he came straight to hubs or me.  Such a sweet boy.
New Year
Celebrating Lunar New Year with red pants!

Now that we know all about the split-personality of a preschooler, I wish Will could stay a little baby toddler for a while.  I love the stage that he's at right now.  He's happy to see us, doesn't talk back, and can't do anything about our hugs, kisses, and squeezes.  He adores being with his family and the feeling is mutual.

I love this boy.
This is typical Will - just happy and goofy and playful.
After I saw this at work, I tried it at home. It kept them busy while I cooked.
He loves his dog.


  1. The top 3 pictures are so cute.

  2. Well, we can't keep him in this little stage forever, no matter how much fun it is. And while Anna is testy at times, I think it's just a matter of everyone resetting their expectations. Considering that I'm usually the one that does all the yelling, we will be taking these lessons learned over to Will as he gets older and we continue to get a little bit wiser about this parenting stuff...


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