It’s the weekend of Lunar New Year, which means we will be spending time with family and eating lots of good food. And receiving RED ENVELOPES. I have a new outfit, from head to toe, for Will to wear. There is something for Anna, too, but I am not sure she will agree to it. That girl has been a tough cookie to deal with lately and is so opinioned about everything.

Anyway! In honor of the Year of the Snake, we did a little snake craft last night. Anna helped with cutting the paper into strips and making them into chains. It was a success. I didn’t expect it to turn into a lesson in patterns, though. We had a pattern of red-red-green-red-red-green and she did it so well. She got it immediately and knew exactly what color came next. Learning through play is the best.
Oh! And totally unrelated to the New Year or snakes, hubs and I have been watching Downton Abbey. We are a few years late to the party and only started watching them a while ago. The best thing about starting late is that we get to watch episodes after episodes without any hiatus. The sad thing is that I accidentally caught a spoiler about Lady Sybil. Boo. We are both hooked on the show. And do you find yourself trying to speak with a British accent after watching the show? Because I do, but totally butcher it. Hubs, on the other hand, is very good and it is so funny. :) Who is your favorite character? Lady Mary is mine. Even back when she wasn’t so nice.
Have a happy weekend!


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