Pencil Arrow Valentines

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day and it is the first time Anna will get to pass out Valentines to her classmates at preschool! Instead doing the whole thing myself, I wanted to get Anna involved in every step of the way. So we hit up the Target dollar bin section together and got the supplies.

The supplies sat there for weeks, until one day, when Will was napping and I decided to get to work.

It didn’t take long. I wrote “Happy Valentine’s Day!” with a marker...

Anna peeled + stuck the stickers...

She did it all on her own, I didn’t even correct her when she covered the words with stickers.
and hubs was in charge of making slits and sliding the pencils through.

This was his face the entire time. Haha. IMG_1808
There are so many cute ideas out there. Although I could've easily found some printables online and made them "professional" looking, I am happy that I went with this option. They are imperfect, but as handmade as possible. :) Can't wait for Anna to hand these out tomorrow.


  1. Oh these are so cute! I'm sure the teachers will love you.

  2. cute craft. happy valentine's day!

  3. If only her little baby fingers could effectively wield an xacto knife, I would've been spared this little activity...But I do guess things did turn out nicely.

  4. cute valentines! I think we did these one year too :)


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