Almost 3: Sleep (& pictures of Anna's room)

Anna is about to turn 3. I will be writing a series of posts throughout the next few weeks, in the hopes that it can help me remember what is happening in her world at this time.IMG_1871
Every night before lights off, we listen to this music snow globe.

Confession time.

Shortly after Will was born, I can’t remember when exactly, Anna started sleeping in our bed with us. Her in the middle...sleeping horizontally...taking up 80% of the space...while hubs and I split the remaining 20 on the opposite ends of the bed.

Oh, and she likes to sleep on top of the blanket and pratice her karate kicks in the middle of the night.

Needless to say, we were not getting good sleeps.

This went on for a long time. More than a year?

Then she started school. And we knew her getting a good sleep was more important than ever.

So one day, we talked to her about sleeping in her own big girl bed. She said “okay” and nodded, but I wasn’t sure how it would go.

Well, the conversation happened over two weeks ago and she has slept in her room ever since. Through the night. Just like that.  No bribes, no rewards.

Anna is almost 3 and she sleeps in her own bed, from roughly 8:15 at night to 7 in the morning.  (Lights off at 8:15p, but I don’t know when she falls asleep. Same thing in the morning, she sleepily walks over to our room at around 7a, but I don’t know when she wakes up.)

On the days she naps, she naps in her bed for 2 to 2.5 hours. Once or twice a week, she will just lay there until we say it's OK to get up.

I never did post pictures of Anna’s room, so here are some to share. She doesn’t spend much time in her room except to sleep, so it still feels empty and undone to me, but hopefully that will change soon.

Pictures taken right before bedtime, while she was getting her bath.
Anna's Room


  1. What do you mean empty? I'm done with this room! Just hope she doesn't want to relocate someday to the other room with the bigger closet.

    And they actually do spend some time in there following their afternoon naps. Will goes in and then they just hang out in there playing with all sorts of stuff for a few minutes.


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