Will - 14 Months Update

Another month has gone by! Here is what Will has been up to.

Eat & Sleep

Will is still a good eater, but just pickier now. On the other hand, I don’t think he’s actually picky, but he just wants to self feed. I do let him have it at the dry stuff -- such as broccoli, mushrooms, meat -- but I am not about to let him self-feed rice porridge. I don’t want to deal with the mess. So what I do is that while he’s concentrating on picking up his dry food, I sneak spoonfuls of porridge in between. It works.

Now that Will doesn’t eat as much overall but moves non-stop, he doesn’t put on the weight as fast anymore. I know toddlers are supposed to thin out between year 1-2, but I am going to miss my chunky monkey. I love holding him because there is so much of him to hold!

It took Will a long time to sleep through the night, but once he mastered that between 7-8 months, he never looked back. He’s my champion sleeper. I put him down wide awake at night around 7:20p, say goodnight, and walk out. I don’t see him again until the next morning.

On some days he has trouble going down for his morning nap. But just when I think that he may be transitioning to 1 nap, he takes 2 the next day. So for now, we are still trying to have him take 2 naps, but not making a big deal out of it if he doesn’t sleep. Anna was down to 1 nap before she turned 15 months, so maybe it will be the same for Will.

Personality / Temperament / Milestones

Will is wonderful. He is happy, curious, fun, and so independent. True story – on the weekends, after Anna goes down for her nap, we just turn on the TV for us to watch and let Will play on his own until his nap time. Haha. Okay, we rarely do that….because I wouldn’t be able to live with the guilt…but he can really entertain himself for a long time, just as long that we are nearby. Watching over him is the easiest job.

Will makes a bunch of sounds, but hardly any words yet. In my 13 month update, I said Will could say just 1 word – bye bye. Recently, he started saying ball. But I don’t think he really knows what it means. We definitely don’t put as much effort in teaching Will (words or to sign) as we did with Anna, but he is a pretty good communicator! He looks at us in the eye, points, and make a gesture with his finger whenever he wants something.

This month, Will has become more interested in his Pooh bear and blanket. I have an old (classic) Pooh bear that I have handed down to Will and while he doesn’t “ask” for it, whenever we give it to him to hold, he smiles so big and buries his face right into it. I really want to get him a Tigger (since Anna already claimed she’s Pooh and Will is Tigger) when we go to Disney World (hopefully this Oct!) but I am afraid that he will be attached to this old Pooh by then.

Life Lately

Life as a working mom to two little ones is…..you guess it….busy! I know I said it before that working outside of home means that I will spend *quality* time with the kids when I get home. That I would appreciate them more after being away from them the whole day. Umm...what quality time? By the time I cook, feed/eat (while nagging Anna to hurry up), and clean, I am too wiped out to spend the one hour I have with them before bath time with patience and love.

So instead, this is what they do while I pass out on the couch:

I think life would be significantly easier if food was taken care of and the kids would just eat without giving me grief.

Now I completely understand why some people say it’s just a mad dash to get the kids fed and in bed after they get home from work. I am kind of in the same boat, although I hope I am a little better off since I do get home by 4p. We have a couple of vacations planned for the year already and I just can’t wait for them! I think those consecutive days we will have as a family will be good for everyone.


  1. Will rocks, such a cool little kid. He loves his sister even tho she bullies him every now and then. And knowing that he'll be the last little baby in the house just makes it even more enjoyable!


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