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The one thing I worried the most about sending Anna to school was her getting sick, especially in the midst of flu season! Well…shortly after her second week of school, she brought home the sniffles. And over the course of last two weeks, we have all gotten sick. In fact, three of us are still under the weather. Nothing major, thankfully. Just runny nose.

Since we have all been kind of sick, we have been staying in on the weekends. Now that Anna goes to preschool, I don’t give myself the pressure of needing to take her out whenever possible anymore. So on the weekends, especially in this dreary weather, I am happy to just stay cozy at home.

This is what we have been up to recently:

/ Anna has been talking a lot about picnics lately. So when spring comes, we will definitely have to go on one, but for now, she picnics at home with Mickey and Minnie.
/ One of hubs’ two birthday requests was homemade lemon bar. I bought the ingredients and he made it with the kids. Will helped licking the fork.
/ Slowly but surely, school is getting more tolerable for Anna. I will do a complete update next week when she gets her first REPORT CARD. Haha.
/ Yesterday it snowed. Hubs’ took the kids out while I was still at work. It was one of the few times that Will really got a chance to walk outside and hubs’ said he was just in awe of everything. I can’t wait to take him to the playground when the weather warms up, he’s going to have so much fun.
/ A video of the kids doing their thing. They are playing together now. Sometimes nicely, sometimes not. But I love these hands-off parenting moments.

Hope you are all having a good January! Happy Weekend!


  1. hope you're all feeling better soon!

    We're registering L for kindergarten in the Fall so it will be a big change with both girls in school in September!

    1. Kindergarten already? It must be different over there in Canada because kids here don't go to kindergarten until they are 5. Good luck! I imagine busy days ahead.

  2. What a cold and dark month. Kids are going stir crazy from staying indoors so much. Even with Anna's preschool, she still doesn't get to go out as much. At least the weather is warming up, almost time to bust out the flip flops and shorts!


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