Our Well-Documented Pho Night

With the number of pictures I took at our latest meal at Pho 75, you would probably think we never had a bowl of Vietnamese noodle soup before. Not true. We actually eat here at least once a month. Sometimes twice. Sometimes even three times. We just love it there. It's fast, kid-friendly, economical, and so good. I decided to whip out my camera this past Saturday to document the whole thing. Pho Night is one of our favorite family activities and I want to remember it.

On the ride over. The kids were kind of happy.

Lately we have been going at night and it's much less crowded than lunch time, so we got to pick our own table. Will sat in a highchair and Anna was in the booster. We got two large bowls for the 4 of us to share. #6, I think, without all those tendon and tripe. The bubbly hot soup bowls came out in less than 5 minutes after we ordered.
We asked for two small bowls for the kids and scooped some noodles and soup into their bowls. This blue pair of scissors that I carry around has been very useful whenever we eat out.
Hubs' was on Will duty.
Anna ate so well. In fact, she only talked to us when she wanted more.
Slurp.  My empty bowl.
In the end, the kids and hubs' shared some pink jelly drink that they were all crazy over.
High-five for a great meal out.  20 bucks!
By now, hubs' was tired of me and my camera.
On this particular night, we went next door to get some spring rolls before heading home.
Haha, was this the longest post you have ever read on some bowls of noodles?


  1. We love this place and would visit it much more frequently were not for the long lines and crowds. It actually took us awhile to figure out that weekend nites were the dead times. Perfect for a squirmy, messy, and loud little family like ours.

    1. Yup, and at night, you don't feel rushed that you have to eat and leave.


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