Anna's Preschool : Week Two

The huge, sprawling playground. Just imagine it in the spring!

Anna just finished her second week of school and it’s going….alright!

Sure, in the morning, when we tell her it’s time for school, she cries and shouts, “DON’T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL! I JUST WANT TO STAY ON THE COUCH!”

But the moment I drop her off, walk outside, and spy on her through the windows, I see that she’s perfectly fine. The teachers say she cries off and on throughout the day, but overall, they tell me she’s doing very well. That she participates and enjoys herself.

However, I am always more interested in what Anna actually tells me after each day. I get the impression that each day gets better and better for her. She went from doing and learning “nothing” to:
"I played with puzzles, trains, everything!"
"I painted grass!"
"I ate square crackers!"
"I went to the potty!"

On the days I pick her up, I get there a bit early to see her in the classroom. I see her listening attentively to the book that the teacher is reading, following directions and putting her chair away, and holding hands and dancing with other kids.

And then she has the happiest smile on her face when she sees me.

And I just love digging through her backpack to see what she brings home. So far, two pieces of artwork.

I don't expect Anna to love school or anything. Honestly? I never liked it growing up either. Ha! But I am just relieved to see that she’s adjusting to the change and that she may actually be having a good and valuable time there. I am so glad we picked this school for Anna and I hope to see her blossom there.
Balancing a bean bag on her head. Note: See that Pooh bear on the table? It has been a big help. Unbeknownst to the teachers that Pooh is her favorite, they gave it to her on the first day to calm her from crying.  Now it's her "school" Pooh bear.
Happy to see me waiting outside.


  1. Looks like you had a marvelous holiday (well, everyone but Pesto!) and I'm glad to see Anna adjusting so well to school! I'm sure that big smile she has when you appear is really heart-warming!

  2. Glad to see Anna adjusting so quickly to school!

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