Will - 13 Months Update

Will turned 13 months old this month! It was a tougher month because Will wasn’t feeling well for about a week after his 1-year well exam. I suspected it was a bad reaction to the vaccinations, but the doctor believed it was a virus. For nearly a week, he wasn’t his happy self. He didn’t eat well, was extremely clingy, and acted like a spoiled crybaby. Every little thing set him off and we were all pretty miserable due to his tantrums. But, he has been healthy for a good couple of days now and we are just so much happier as a family.

Eat & Sleep

Will actually lost some weight this month. He lost appetite when he was sick and he still doesn’t eat as much as he used to. I think he may be getting pickier, too. Before he opens his mouth for anything, but now he turns away. But between him and Anna, he’s still my little star eater. Cooking and feeding the family is the single most stressful part of my day. We are relying more on take-outs and pizza delivery, but I still cook at least 80% of the time. Every time when we order out, I think about how much groceries we could have bought with the same money! But I guess it’s all about the convenience.

Will wakes up between 6a to 6:30a in the morning. Takes his first nap around 9:30a. Then again at 2p. And goes to sleep at 7:15p. He puts himself to sleep and I am just so grateful for that! Even if he fusses, it’s only for minutes and I just leave him alone.


We call Will our little zombie because he often wanders aimlessly around the house. And even though he has been walking for over a month now, he still wobbles and falls down. He’s a typical mischievous little boy. For example, he knows he’s not allowed on the steps by himself, but he will purposely crawl up a few steps and wait for us to find him. Then when we do, he laughs and wiggles as we pick him up. Haha, so funny. He’s definitely learning, though. We haven’t found him messing with Pesto’s water bowl lately and he leaves the Christmas tree alone.
Christmas Tree 2012
Will doesn’t say anything consistently except for bye-bye. So I will say that’s his first official word! He babbles nonstop and talks to himself as he plays with his toys. For the first 12 months of his life, Will never sat still for books. We actually gave up reading to him and he was hardly read to! But now he sits still – not just for a short picture book either, but for a long-ish one! He points to the pictures and is really interactive. I help him turn the pages. Sometimes I will have both kids on my lap as I read them books. As tired as I am when I get home after a day of work, it’s always a pleasure to read to them. :)

Thanks to a new gift, we recently found out that Will can stack up to 5 or 6 blocks! He gets so happy whenever he stacks one on top of another without knocking everything down. We clap and praise like crazy and he just soaks it all up! I find that Will knows the proper way to play with toys a lot earlier than when Anna learned, but I am sure it has a lot to with watching his older sister.
13 Months
Life as a working mom with two little ones is busy. Sometimes I feel weepy for missing out on their lives when I am at work. But on the flip side, I also enjoy working and can’t imagine staying home day in and day out. The perfect medium is going part-time, which I am definitely looking into in 2013!
13 Months hi_five


  1. When Will first arrived, I kept wishing he would hurry up and grow so that he'd be as easy to take care of as Anna. But seeing him now (and dealing with the a little girl on the cusp of turning 3), I wish he could stay as he is now for just a bit longer. Just a little bit longer...

  2. You will have no such luck Father Time!

    He's a charming lil' guy - you got to love that smile!


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