The Story Behind This Wreath

The process of making this wreath was frustrating and bumpy. I wish I took pictures along the way….to show you the real story behind it…but unfortunately, I didn’t. I will attempt to describe it, though.
SUNDAY NIGHT (@ 5:45) We packed up the family and drove to Michaels. It was only minutes away so I didn’t think we had to bring diapers. As soon as we took Will out the car, we smelled it. The boy pooped. So instead of shopping leisurely, I did a mad dash of grabbing what I needed, but only to have to wait in line with a herd people ahead of us. I don’t know what it is about Michaels, but that place always seem to have extra long lines. And the cashiers work in slow motion.  Just imagine standing still while holding a stinky baby...

SUNDAY NIGHT (@ 8:20ish) I started wrapping the yarn around the foam wreath. Only, apparently, I was pulling the yarn from the wrong end and my progress was so slow. It took me almost an hour and I only had like 3% of the wreath wrapped. I wanted to quit. Finally, hubs showed me the light and taught me which end was up. After that, it was actually fun wrapping that wreath.

MONDAY MORNING at work, I couldn’t stop thinking about how I don’t love the pre-made decorations I bought to put on the wreath. I was in a hurry, remember? I had originally looked up how to make felt flowers, but it intimidated me. But when I came across this tutorial, it sealed the deal. After work, I went to Michaels AGAIN to get the supplies and waited in another long line.

MONDAY NIGHT (@ 8:00) The minute Anna was tucked in bed, I got right to work! The felt flowers were easy and a joy to make. No templates, just freehand. For instructions, see here. A note - I used white glue, which I don’t recommend. I am asking for a hot glue gun for Christmas. Anyway, after the flowers were made, I arranged them on the wreath and glued them down. It didn’t look sturdy, but I hoped it would settle overnight.

THIS MORNING I held up the wreath…..and all the flowers fell down! I told hubs that I needed to make ANOTHER trip to Michaels to get the proper glue and he told me to just use pins. PINS. I don’t know why I didn’t think of that. As late as I was for work, I pinned those flowers down and finally hung up the darn wreath.

TA-DA! That was a lot of work for a wreath, no?

Hubs said that the wreath looks more Fall than Christmas. I can see that with the yellow, red, and brown. But Christmas colors don’t have to be just red, green, silver, and gold…. So the wreath is staying up!

Now that I made it once, I know I can do it better and faster next time. I kind of want to make one for every season so we can have a wreath in our living room all the time.

So pretty!  Easily the best part of the project.
Felt Flowers


  1. awww yay!! so glad i could help you out and just right in time too!! your wreath is beautiful! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

    1. Thanks Sandy. I am borderline obsessed with making those flowers now.

  2. Perfect! I always wanted an Autumn Wreath! Now I finally have one! If only it was Autumn all the time.

    1. This one is for Christmas, I will make you one for next Fall.


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