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/ A great meal at Uno...until the end, when Will pooped (it seems like he saves his poop for when we are out) all over himself and I had to carried him out of the bathroom topless. Haha.
/ They are 20 months apart, but weigh the same.  One is picky and the other is a bottomless pit.
/ Getting into the holiday spirit with a sleigh ride. 
/ They are not your typical "holiday" cookies, but we baked these Reeses Peanut Butter Surprise cookies last night after dinner. They were definitely a thousand calories each, but tasted so good. I pointed my camera at these two and Anna leaned over, looked at the camera, and smiled. Love that girl.


  1. My oh my how our lives have changed in just one year. Sure, diapers are still there but life is so much fuller. Especially our tummies! Always more fun eating out with the kids, even if the food is never as good as Mama's home cooking!


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