Christmas 2012 Recap

Whew - I know I can't be the only one who is glad Christmas is over.  I loved the holiday season and it was so much more fun with little kids (Anna at least - Will was meh on the whole change of routine) but I totally craved the return to normalcy.  I was happy to return to work on Wednesday, especially now when most people are still on vacation.  It's a total bliss to have that peace and quiet.  So yes, definitely glad that the holiday busyness is behind us.  Besides, there is so much to look forward to in the new year that I just want to get on with it already!

Here is a little recap of our holiday:

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner was spent with hubs' side of the family.  His mom must had spent the whole day in the kitchen.  The spread was amazing - crispy spring rolls, grilled pork, vegetable stir-fry, rice noodles, and more. I have been eating the leftovers all week.
christmas eve
After dessert, the kids opened presents. Will had no idea what to do, but looked very festive.  As for Anna, she knew exactly what was happening.  Among many things, she received a new heavy coat.  Much needed as she will be going to preschool in less than - gulp - 5 day!

Christmas Day

We spent a low-key Christmas Day at home. The kids napped regularly and my side of the family came over for a hot pot dinner. Hot pot is the best for a crowd - it's minimal preparation and you do all the cooking while you eat.  Easy and simple.
Christmas Day 2012
Anna tearing into her presents.  She received many presents - we haven't even opened everything yet. Maybe I will re-wrap some for her upcoming birthday.
Will was more interested in Anna's old walker toy.
top left: I ordered the Kindle late and didn't think it would get delivered by Christmas. So I printed a little note and put it in a tiny box so hubs' can still have something to open.  In the end, the it did get delivered in time, but I still kept the note and just gave him the present (unwrapped) after he read the note.  Hubs has been using it daily before he goes to sleep.  He said it is his favorite present ever. 

bottom left: No presents for Pesto. Next year I will make sure to include him.

top right: So excited about those bugs. Not.

botom right: Enough presents to open a small toy store.  And this wasn't even everything.IMG_1419
After presents and breakfast, Anna and I snuggled up and read a Christmas story.  This particular one is called The Sweetest Christmas, starring her favorite silly ol' bear. Oh, and hubs' made a fire and kept it throughout the day. It was so warm and cozy to just spend the day at home.  I love this picture of the boys by the fire. I think Baba is mildly obsessed with his son.
Just hanging out with family.


  1. Love that bow on Will's head!

    Looks like you all had a lovely Christmas!

  2. Wow, that was a hell of a 4 day weekend! Lots of fun but definitely tired as well. So happy to have this little Kindle Paperwhite to relax with. Now I can finally read again in bed!


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