Look at holiday lights. Check.

Apparently, looking at the lights made her want to do karate kicks.IMG_1213
Couldn't get him to look at the camera.IMG_1267
Riding on Santa's sleigh.

Like all parents out there, we are all about making the holiday season magical for the kids and giving them new experiences. We have been doing Christmas crafts and listening to Christmas music at home, but last night, because the weather was so mild, we took the kids to see the light displays at Meadowlark Gardens. We all had a nice time – definitely want to make it an annual thing if we can!

As soon as we entered the complex and Anna saw the lighted trees, she ooooh’ed and ahhhh’ed and got really excited. I did, too. I have always LOVED Christmas lights. It made me feel warm and fuzzy inside. Everything was so pretty. I only wish we took better pictures to share, but our small point-and-shoot just doesn’t do well in the dark.

Will has been feeling under the weather. The doctor thinks he has caught a virus and we can only wait it out. So he has been clingy and fussy. But even with him not feeling well, he was fascinated by all the lights around him. I know next year when we come back again, he’s going to run everywhere.

My favorite display was at the end – the meteor shower.


  1. I honestly didn't expect much from this little venture. After having seen all the strands of light and plastic strewn about the garden during our day trips there, I thought it would be kinda cheezy. Well, it was still kinda cheezy but damn cool. Glad to the kids had fun, can't wait to go back in the coming years as they start to understand what it is they're looking at.

  2. Anna looks like she's wearing a crown in the sleigh picture.

  3. Beautiful colored lights - they are magical aren't they? I see beautiful people enjoying them too!


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