last weekend of the year

The last weekend of 2012 was a good one.

First it snowed. Anna was crazy excited and happy. Last year we hardly got any snowfall, and I think she was too young to “get it” anyway. So the little snow we received on Saturday was all new to her and she was just in heaven. We went to hubs’ parents house in the morning and she begged to be outside. So here she is trying to catch the snow in grandma’s backyard.
After we came home and sent Anna to nap, we put all the Christmas decorations away. Just as we wasted no time to put the tree up, I couldn’t wait to put it away either. So all the traces of Christmas are gone from our home already – before the new year! The house feels simpler. It’s ready for a fresh start.
In the evening my mom, brother, and sister-in-law came over for dinner. It’s nice to have them over to entertain the kids. The kids are happy and I know they enjoy spending time with the kids. No pictures to share here, unfortunately.

Usually Sunday morning is for grocery shopping and Target-ing, but we still have tons of food in the fridge. So while Will napped, Anna and I worked on a puzzle she received for Christmas. We have been working on these type of jigsaw puzzles for a while now. It’s still frustrating to “help” her, but she’s definitely getting better. For the most part, she can do it on her own, but I just have to talk her through it. Like, I will say, “Where are the pieces for Mickey’s clubhouse?” And she will find them and put them together on her own.
We finished the day with dinner at my parents’ house. Again, it was just nice to let the kids be with family members.

So as I said, we had a good weekend. Peaceful, productive, full.

Here is a fun video. Last weekend we went to Rockville MD to sign the paperwork for the refinancing on our house. We already ate lunch at home, but had time to explore before our appointment. We went to a new-to-us cafĂ© called Bubble Express, specializing in Taiwan food. Both kids couldn’t get enough of the bubble tea. It was hilarious watching Will sucking the tapioca balls down using that big straw. Haha.


  1. Glad to see Anna enjoying that puzzle. It was a great bargain.

  2. We still have our tree up. I suppose it must come down soon - next week maybe....
    My girls love puzzles too! They're great gifts!

    Happy new year to you and your family!


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