Christmas Presents for the Kiddos

Anna wrapping her Baba's present. It was a sloppy job, but she did 90% of the work. :)

For Anna and Will’s Christmas presents, I followed the gifting philosophy of one thing they play, one thing they read, one thing to need, and one thing to wear. I tried my best not to go overboard because I know they don’t actually NEED anything. I mean, anything they need, we buy for them when they need it throughout the year anyway.

But, because it is Christmas, this is what they will find under the tree from us.

Anna (2 ¾ years old)
Play : Melissa and Doug See & Spell : Anna knows her uppercase letters, but still gets confused on some lowercase letters. This should help her sort it out.
Read: The Berenstain Bears Storybook Treasury : She loves Sister and Brother Bear. And we got such a steal on this one!  Five dollars!
Need : Edison Training Chopsticks : We would like to see Anna using chopsticks soon.
Wear : New shirts and pants for preschool. (Grandma is getting her some undershirts and a big heavy coat.)

Will (13 months old)
Play : B. Snug Bugs : No idea if he will like these bugs, but they are soft and squishy. Perfect for his little chubby hands.
Read : Baby Einstein Alphabooks : I read so many good reviews and just had to get them for Will. Would you believe that this is the first set of books that we bought specifically for him?
Need: Aquaphor : I bought two small tubes to put in my diaper bag.
Wear : I thought hard of something to buy in this category, but anything I bought would have been a waste. The boy truly has everything he needs.

So as you can see, we kept it pretty simple and easy and cheap.  Everything came under $70!

And here are two pictures totally unrelated to gifts or Christmas:

Anna and Will and Pesto having a blast with a $10 tent from Walmart.
The clementine was for his sister, but she didn't finish.  Will got the leftovers.  
eating clementine


  1. I tried to follow the same gifting philosophy this year as well. Keeps it simple! Also, I'm so in love with all things Melissa & Doug.

    1. Yup, their wood toys are much more reasonably priced than other brands. We have tons of their stuff.

  2. I bet sloppy or not, Anna wraps gifts better than I do!


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