Christmas, Christmas time is here.

christmas 2012
Time for joy and time for cheer! Can you believe it? The countdown is almost done. I hope you and yours are enjoying a cozy, warm holiday season. This month we've crunched in a lot of Christmas-ing.  And yesterday we round it all up with a trip to see the National Christmas Tree, an annual event for our family.

Merry Christmas (Eve), everyone!
christmas 2012_A


  1. Merry Christmas! enjoy the time with your family!
    happy new year!

  2. After going here so many years now, I still don't really much care for this little display in the city. But the wife likes it and it's always good to get the little ones out, even if it is cold and crowded. I wonder how long we'll keep this tradition up? Maybe one day, the kids will refuse to go and I can be free of this annual routine??

  3. Looks like a circus in "Clown City," Father Time... I see why you aren't too keen on it...


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