Will's First Birthday Celebration

We had a very simple first birthday celebration for Will last Saturday. We only had a handful of people (our own little family, two sets of grandparents, an uncle, and an aunt) in attendance and I thought it was perfect. The birthday boy was in good spirit the entire time. As soon as we put the birthday crown on him, he gave out the biggest smile as if he knew exactly what was going on. So funny. Have I mentioned lately how much I adore my little man? He's just so cool. Always happy, always curious, and 110% boy.

I didn't put nearly as much energy for Will's first birthday as much as I did with Anna's.... I suppose that's a post for another day... But I want to share the details anyway!

It all started with this balloon invitation I made and sent out via SNAIL mail. The front of the balloon said, “WILL IS ONE”, and the back was details and a promise that there would be balloons. It was easy and fun to make. I even made liners for the envelops.
Then with exactly FIVE pieces of felt I bought from Michael’s at 29 cents each, we (I cut and hubs’ mom sewed) made several bunting flag garlands and two birthday crowns. It was the best use of a buck fifty.

Unfortunately, Big Sister didn't want anything to do with her crown during the party.
These Will cake toppers took no time to make. I also made one for Anna with her picture. And since it just so happen to be my sister-in-law’s birthday, I whipped one up for her too. I made the cake the night before and hubs’ frosted in the morning.
Every birthday party needs a banner.
I also printed pictures of Will and family and hung them all over the wall. I thought that was the best decoration of all.

3 generations.
Then we topped everything off with 30 colorful balloons.
For food, we went with fried chicken and pizza. Not the healthiest variety, but at least we also had plenty of fruit!

Anna and her Aunt & Uncle
Will received many presents. And money too! To make sure Anna didn't feel left out, we got her a present too. It was a good day for both kids. Our house is officially too small.
The only "entertainment" we had was trying to get him to pick among a pencil for smarts, money for riches, and strings for long life.

He didn't pick any.
The party ended with Anna pushing Will in their new buggy around the block.
So, that was Will's first birthday party. It wasn't at all a big beautiful bash, but this small gathering was sweet and memorable. A big THANKS to my brother and sister-in-law who drove all the way from Pennsylvania to attend. Will sends kisses!!


  1. What a perfect little day. All of Mama's hard work made it what it was. Sure,the kids won't remember a lick of it, but we will. Always and forever...

    And no, our house is not too small - we just have too much crap that we definitely don't need. Just think of how much more stuff we'll accumulate over the next few years...that's scary. Time to downsize!

  2. Looks like a wonderful party! Love your crafty touches!
    We have that little push car too! Both girls have used it in the last 5 years, so I'd say we got good use of it!

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    ♬ (*^-^) ~♬




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