Will Walks!

Exciting news! Will has been slowly taking one or two independent steps, but yesterday he had a breakthrough and took 5+ independent steps! I am sad that I wasn’t there to witness it….I guess that’s the real life of being a working mom…but at least hubs recorded it for me (and for the blog) to see.

I remember that with Anna, we made a huge deal whenever she hit a major milestone. And cheered her on. But, with Will, he does all sort of fun stuff, and we just kind of overlook it. It’s not intentional. Anna was our only focus back then so we had more time to take note. And now…well, I guess I take advantage of the fact that Will is an easy baby that I still do more with Anna. Definitely need to fix that asap.

On another note, Will is one week away from turning 1 year old. He’s my happy + sweet baby. He doesn’t always go down for naps easily, but he never fusses when it’s time for bed. After finishing his bottle, I sing “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, give him a tight hug, and put him down in the crib. I tuck him in with his blanket and say bye bye and wave. He smiles and I close the door behind me. I don’t know when he actually falls asleep, but I never hear another peep. I think all the Moms and Dads will agree with me that this is worth its weight in gold.

Anyway! Here is the video.


  1. I'm not sure how we lucked out with such great little kids. Maybe we'll get some sort of karma payback once these little guys get older. But until then, everyday is an adventure with these guys.

  2. what a milestone! congratulations mama!


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