happy thanksgiving!

turkey handprints!
Here is a craft we did the other day for Thanksgiving. I did it with Anna first and then realized that I should do it with Will, too. I didn't bother painting his little fingers with different colors, though. I think it makes a great keepsake!

Supplies: cardstock, paint in different colors, paint brush, googly eye, glue
Then just paint the palm and the thumb of your child's hand brown + paint each of their remaining fingers with different colors.  Stamp their hand on the paper.  Glue on the googly eye.  And finish it off with painting the beak, legs, and the red gobble thing.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!!  This is our second Thanksgiving as a family of four.  I am so thankful to have my children + husband in my life.  As long as we are happy, healthy and safe, everything else is just extra.

We will be having dinner with hubs' side of the family tonight.  His mom spends the entire day in the kitchen so my mouth is already watering thinking about the yummy goodness.  Needless to say, my tummy will be full and happy tonight.  Hope yours will be too.


  1. Hey, how come I didn't get to make a hand-turkey-painting-thingy? What kind of family is this? Oh well, it probably would've ended up looking like some retarded spider or something...


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