A Charlie Brown Kind of Christmas Tree

Where is Pesto?

This year we wasted no time in setting up our Christmas tree. We did it the day before Thanksgiving.

And this year, we have a new tree! We figured that it was time to retire the little 4 ½-foot tree from our condo-living days and upgrade it to something taller. We paid $50 for this 6 ½-foot pre-lit and….well, you get what you pay for. We say it is the tree from Charlie Brown. You know, twig-y and sparse. The exact opposite of full and beautiful.

But.  Once we dressed it up with ornaments and plugged in the lights, it really doesn’t look half bad. In fact, in complete darkness with just the tree lit up, I will actually use words like colorful and pretty to describe it.

Also new this year – we decorated the staircase with garlands. I still need to find mini red bows and pine cones to decorate it, so it’s not completely finished. But right now, we have 4 ornaments hanging off it, 1 for each of us.

And Will! I have another video to show you. He’s been walking more and more. Getting so good at it, too. I am totally surprised that he hasn’t gotten into the tree all that much. I was already planning a baby gate around the tree, but I guess we are safe.


  1. Wow, this things looks even worse in video. Too bad they don't sell fertilizer for fake trees. This one could really use some fattening up!

  2. I think your tree looks great! the lights really make it nice! we'll put our tree up next week. I'm itching already!

  3. Such a cute walker! I'm amazed he's not after the tree!

  4. Smiles. Will is a charming guy to watch - especially when his face lights up in a smile!


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