Will 11 Months Update

Will turned 11 months old yesterday. For the longest time in his baby life, I dressed him in one-piece outfits with animal-print designs. Nowadays, I put him in long-sleeve graphic tees and sweatpants and, all of a sudden, he looks so much older to me! Will has been so great the past couple of months. He’s happy, eats well, sleeps well, and active. He’s one content baby.
Eat and Sleep

I started supplementing Will with formula 3 days before he turned 10 months. He was getting two bottles of Mama’s milk and two bottles of formula a day. But sometime this month, my supply plunged so instead of pumping twice, I just pump once now to start the weaning process. Will now only gets one bottle of Mama’s milk a day. I think within the next week, I am going to stop pumping completely. It’s going to feel so good to break free from the pump and finally get my body back. It’s hard to believe that for the last 40 months, I have either been pregnant or pumping/nursing!! Craziness!

Will is an early bird. He wakes up between 6-7a. Way too early for me. But on the bright side, I get to spend a little time with him before I take off for work. He takes two solid naps (on an average of 1.5 hours long) on weekdays. On weekends, when we run around, he takes his first nap in the car and it is no more than 30 minutes long. But he’s a mellow little man that as long as he gets a catnap in, he’s good. It’s bad that he doesn’t get his proper nap, though, but we will be housebound if we have to work around his nap schedule. Once he’s down to one nap, it will be easier. I can just imagine Anna and Will sharing the same napping schedule…it’s going to be glorious!


Will finally grew some teeth this month. Not one, not two, but THREE of them! We used to do laundry because we would run out of bibs for him, but ever since his teeth appeared, he drools a lot less now. Last time I folded laundry, I was surprised at how much clothes there were too fold. Then I counted and it had been 7 days since our last wash! At the same time, less drool also means his eczema is finally under control. He face (especially the chin area) is still not smooth, but at least it is not red all the time. With his eczema under control, he’s just that much more easier to take care of.

3 teeth - 2 bottom, 1 top

Will can stand up without holding onto anything, but all he does is sit right back down on his padded bum. Haha. When Anna was his age, she already took her first steps. Will walks pretty good when we hold his hands, but I don’t think he will be working dependently before he turns 1. No worries, I am not in a hurry for him to grow up anyway.

Will is babbling more than ever, and he can clap and wave on cue. I love making him laugh by blowing on his tummy and he makes himself laugh by throwing stuff and burying his face into Pesto. With Anna I read her tons of books. Will isn’t showing much interest except for chewing on them. It’s rare that he sits through a book from start to finish. He just doesn’t sit still anymore. Diaper change can be a battle. Putting on his pants can take longer than necessary. When he doesn’t want to be held, he will try to break free and drop his body like a dead weight. Funny little guy.

Anna had terrible stranger anxiety for the longest time. Will is better but he’s definitely not a baby who will jump from one person’s arms to the next either. Hubs and I think that Will is sensitive, just like his sister. I hope that translates into kind and compassionate. I really like the sound of that!

Life with Anna

Whenever Anna decides to sit down and play with Will, we can always count on a break. Anna wakes up early, just like Will, and sometimes we will just put both on the bedroom floor, shut the door, drop some toys down, and we get to lay in bed for a bit longer. He just loves it when he has another little person to play with. Although Will isn’t hitting his motor skills as quickly as Anna, but I know he’s going to learn a lot faster just because he will have her to teach him.
It makes me weepy that Will is turning one next month. But I am also so looking forward to his first steps, his first words, and all other firsts. He’s my little buddy and I just love watching him grow!

How big is Will?
so big!
So big!


  1. I love reading your monthly updates! Can't believe Will will be one next month! Way to go!

  2. I really think our little house is going to be much more lively as this guy get's older and older. I can already see and hear the kids' voices and laughter as they run around the house. I can also hear our voices yelling and laughing at the same time...


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