Toddler Art Projects

I have been doing more arts & crafts activities with Anna lately. Each week do two letter crafts and then we will do few other random ones related to the letters. It’s fun and doesn’t take a lot of work. I love that there are so many ideas and freebies out there.

Anna looks forward to our little crafty time. Every day I get home from work, one of the first things she says to me is, “Want to do an art project today, Mom?” It does get a little crazy when Will crawls all over us and wants to be a part of it. Or when Anna gets frustrated and starts throwing stuff. But for the most part, it’s good and she’s learning and I hope we can continue to do this often.

Here are a sample of our recent projects. None of these ideas are originally mine. Pinterest is amazing. I find that Anna enjoys it more when less tools are involved, such as scissors, since she doesn’t know how to cut yet. She seemed to like the hand-print caterpillar project the most. Definitely going to do more of those!

A is for Alligator / E is for Elephant
letter crafts
(The Very Hungry Little) Caterpillar Handprint
Hand-Print Caterpiller


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