The Bathroom Renovation & Other Things

ONE. The bathroom is done. Completely. Down to the nitty-gritty, such as switching out the light bulbs. This project was started back in July and it took the entire summer + a few weeks of fall to finish. I did nothing to help out (except being on kids-duty whenever hubs worked with his dad), but if you ask if I would support doing it again, my answer would be a big fat HELL NO. Luckily, hubs is with me on this one. Being two full-time working parents with two small children, I one hundred percent believe that sometimes we just need to outsource so we can spend more time together as a family.

I did a pretty poor job of documenting the renovation, so here are exactly four pictures. Hubs picked out everything, from the tiles, to the mirrors, to the countertop, to the fixtures. As I said, I had zero involvement. It turned out very nice! I love the two sinks.
IMG_5323 IMG_8973 bathroom
TWO. We went to a Fall Festival over the weekend. It was just okay. Nothing too exciting. As hubs put it, “Now we know why it’s free.” Haha. I still think it was time well spent. Anna and Will don’t get out during the week anymore since I went back to work and it’s good to go places other than the playground. Besides, I think the train ride, pinwheel, and the balloon kept Anna happy and entertained. There was even a small petting zoo, but she has never been into farm animals. The tiny little piglets were so cute, but she didn’t give them a second glance. I think Will was amused by the llamas though. Too bad we ended our visit there with The Moonbounce Incident. Some boy rolled and bumped into Anna and hubs had to go in to rescue her. I hope she isn't scarred for life.
IMG_9844 IMG_9848
THREE. Hubs has been gone on an average of two nights a week since early September. It's hard holding down the fort on my own. When he's here, he's in charge of bath time and that helps so much.

Anyway, one day last week, after a long night of Me vs Two Kids, I handed Anna an ice cream sandwich (wrapped) and told her to wait for me while I went to check on Will. I came back not a minute later and found that she had squished the sandwich. It wasn’t ruined, but she should’ve have known better. I didn’t yell, but definitely showed my annoyance. She told me, completed with hand gestures and body movements:

Mom, just caaallllm down. Don’t be mad. Sway side to side. Just calm down, Mom. It’s okay.

I think I was even more peeved after her little comment.
PS. She learned the “sway side to side” bit from Kai-Lan.


  1. Mama is definitely a trooper. Holding down the fort for so many weekends is no laughing matter. Sprinkle in some nites of business travel and you have a formula for some epic disasters. But Joyce takes it all in stride...most of the time.

    Thanks Tong!

  2. I am one tired Mama. Need a vacay.


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