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The weather was seriously GORGEOUS last Sunday. Sunny, cool, and not a cloud in the sky. Meadowlark Gardens was filled to the brim with people taking pictures. While I don't think we caught the peak of foliage, it was still very very pretty. Our little family took a bunch of pictures, but I really like this one below. No one was looking at the camera, but they were just really into those crinkly leaves. And they would have played a lot longer if Will didn't have a diaper blowout.
The good weather continued all week. We spent time outside one evening after dinner. Will is 49 weeks now. He's walking really well with us just holding one hand. I love this boy through and through.
We took the kids to my parents' neighborhood. Near their house is a field that we used to take the dogs before we moved. Anna had a ball running around. Pesto, too. Will just crawled a lot.
And today, Sunday again. This is hubs cleaning the gutters, preparing for Hurricane Sandy/Frankenstorm. The rain is already coming down as I type...


  1. how did you weather the storm. it hit here, too and or power was out for the entire night into the early morning.

    1. No problems here. I was expecting the power to go out, but it didn't.


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