pumpkins, pumpkins!

I typically get my pumpkins from the grocery store, but this year, I wanted to have a fun pumpkin picking experience. So when I learned about Krop’s Crops, I couldn’t wait to take the kids there.

There weren't much to do, but this small farm was perfect for us. There were some animals to pet and a corn bin to play in, but the highlight of the visit was, of course, the hayride. The old tractor pulled us around the farm to a big grassy area full of pumpkins. We got some good pictures there! Anna searched for her perfect tiny pumpkin, but she couldn’t find any tiny enough. So in the end, we didn’t pick any pumpkins from the “patch” but we did end up buying 3 small pumpkins that they had in a bin at the farm store.

We have been reading about fall, pumpkins, and Halloween at home, so it was great to finally give Anna that experience. Her eyes sparkled when she saw those pumpkins. I am your typical parent and that alone was worth it for me.


  1. Aww she looks like she had a blast! The one of her on the ginormous pumpkin is precious. This weekend, A. and I went up to the mountains to celebrate the autumn season, too, and the leaves were just incredible. We almost bought a pumpkin at the farmer's market, but lugging it around on the train (after returning Dad's car) and then up four flights of stairs to our apartment would've been a nightmare. So we settled on apples and cider and pies instead :)

  2. Beautiful pictures! I love fall. Pumpkin picking is such fun! Looks like you all had a great time!

  3. I wonder if we'll make it to a real pumpkin patch one day? Yes, this was fun and we got some decent pics, but really though, might as well pick the pumpkins up at the grocery store if we're going to get them from a cardboard box in front of a store. Kids, they make parents do the strangest things...


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