Living on the Edge

Well I finally did it. I managed to put the family in the poor house. We are literally living paycheck to paycheck - for the next two weeks anyways. How did I manage to do that? I bought a new car! A used one actually, but it's a 2012 with about 6k miles on it. My old beater 2001 Civic hand-me-down from Joyce had only just crossed the 79k mile marker. It would still be parked snugly this cold Fall nite in the garage if its driver-side door hadn't gone tits-up on me somewhere on the Garden State Parkway in Jersey a few months back. Something about electrical fires and smoke inches from my body just sets me off.

Joyce wanted a memento shot of her car before I sent it off to trade-in heaven.

Now back to the situation at hand, it's been interesting to say the least. We could easily remedy it by moving some savings or investments around to shore up the checking account, but that would ruin the experience. Joyce gets paid at the beginning of every month while my bacon comes in every two weeks. So basically, our checking account will be near zero until the 19th (c'mon commission check!).

I'll admit, I kinda freaked out a bit when I thought about how low I was taking our balance to. So I've been scrambling to get some cash flow going. Business expenses that I don't normally file until the end of the month just got submitted today for reimbursement. I cleaned out my American Express Blue Cash balance so that'll be another source of credit this month. Hell, I even cashed out my FatWallet account. And fortunately, we don't have any outgoing bills to pay via Bank of America until the 19th. So as long as no emergencies happen within the next two weeks, we should be able to scrape by. I'll have to cheat a little by grabbing a few bills out of our petty cash envelope for some upcoming work travel, but that's it.

Having never experienced anything like this before, it has me counting my blessings. Our work affords us some stability, but our penny pinching lifestyle is what really attributes to our financial peace of mind. I'm just glad Joyce is even more frugal than I when it comes to mindless spending. Somehow, I can always justify that new receiver or pair of speakers or PS3 game or dumbbells or.... Then again, she's the root cause whenever UPS drops off a new bag of children's clothes. In all honesty though, she's a good gal that doesn't spend enough on herself at all.

We've been teaching Anna about the value of money and I hope it registers. We explain why we head off to work and what modern civilization requires in order to survive. Will, of course, only sees money as shiny circles and crinkly paper. If only life could be so simple again. I also need to start figuring out how to get some sort of passive income going. Man, if only I were Walter White! Then again, depending on how the season closes out next summer, maybe not.

Will was the first passenger. He approves!


  1. It was sad saying goodbye to my beater Civic. Oh the memories. It had taken me to so many places, but I will always remember it as my first biggest purchase out of college and the car that took Anna home from the hospital.

    I honestly didn't see anything wrong with this great little car, despite hubs saying that it was the ugliest car ever. Honestly, I could have driven it to the ground, but I am glad hubs got a shinny new white car. He deserves it.

    But yeah, as far as money, I admit I don't spend nearly enough on myself. But really, material things don't make me happy. Less is more.


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