It's a Plane!

On Saturday we took the kids to Gravelly Point, a spot near the Ronald Regan Airport where giant planes fly right over your head. Since the airport runway is right within eyeshot, the planes are super low and really loud. A very cool sight to see. I have heard and read that kids go wild for the experience, so I was expecting to see some fist pumping. I even dressed Will in his airplane shirt.

So what really happened?

Haha, no fist pumping from my kids. They weren't so crazy about the planes being so low and so loud and so close and both jumped on us whenever the planes flew near. You can see that Will freaked out when he was left to fend for himself in the video. Haha. At least now I know how to get the munchkins to snuggle with us – just take them to the airplane park!



  1. More time with the kids please! They're a lot more fun outside of the house. Or maybe it's just harder to yell and scream in public?


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