Happy Halloween!


I was worried that we would miss out on Halloween this year due to Hurricane Sandy, but luckily, the rain stopped just in time and we made it out for Will's first trick or treat!

This year we have cute little fish and shark. Someday I will try my hands at making costumes, but today wasn't it. I showed Anna her options at Old Navy and she picked the fish. It was perfect because Will was going as a shark. I had bought his costume last year...before he was even born. Haha. I bought it in size 6-12 mos, thinking that it would fit just fine. Well, I had to squeeze him in. Thankfully, he didn't have a big dinner.

We took pictures out on the porch when it was still light out and managed to get a few decent shots. It's almost next to impossible to take good pictures of a toddler and a baby. My lack of photography skills doesn't help either. Oh well.

After the pictures, we just went trick or treating around the neighborhood! Anna did great and was super polite to everyone -- said trick or treat and thank you. But after the fourth house, she was done with it and said she wanted to go home. So after that we came home and we let her have - gasp! - four pieces of candy. One for each house, I suppose. She was a happy girl. I think Will also has a sweet tooth, too.

It was a fun night. Happy Halloween!

Anna couldn't wait until we got inside to dig in. At least she shared.
PS. Halloween 2010 and 2011.


  1. Let's be honest here, of all the holidays in this country, Halloween is probably one of the dumbest. I never cared for it before, but now that we have two little ones, it's a blast! Can't wait till Will can walk so that they can go to the doors together by themselves while we just stand back on the sidewalk and watch...

  2. I love the costumes! Fish and Sharks are perfect combo!!
    sounds like it was a successful halloween!


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