Anna is 2 Years and 7 Months Old.

(All these never-seen-before pictures were taken in September and October, using my phone.)Untitled
My precious firstborn is 2 years and 7 months old.

She’s bright, sweet, kind, stubborn, and totally lovable!

Potty Training

Anna didn’t nail the potty right off the bat, but over the course of a month, she was potty trained during daytime. She still wears a diaper when she sleeps, but I think we can easily eliminate diapering her during nap because she almost always wake up dry. I hope she can be completely trained well before she turns 3. When we are out, she’s really good about using the potty, even without our little portable potty seat. We haven’t had any accidents for weeks now. Oops – I hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

Social Skills and Friends

Anna doesn’t have any proper friends at the moment. I will say that’s the biggest thing she’s missing out on. When I was on maternity leave, I took Anna to story time, music and art classes, and the playground, hoping we could both meet new friends. Although I talked to a few Moms there, nothing was ever established because I knew I was going back to work. Now that I am back at work, it’s even harder to get Anna out there and socialize. I am looking forward in sending her to preschool when she turns 3 next March…even though she will be arriving at the tail-end of the school year. I suspect she will have a difficult time adjusting because she has never been in that kind of environment before. But I know once she adjusts, she will have fun.

The biggest news in the eating department since my last update on Anna is that she now eats at the dining table! By herself! No TV necessary!

But, ah, she is still a fussy, particular eater. Currently, she has been eating pasta for the last 4 weeks or so. Every single day. For lunch and dinner. We give her bits and pieces of meat and veggies, but the bulk of her diet is empty carbohydrates. It’s terrible.

At least when we sit down for a proper lunch or dinner meal, she will eat at least 80% of it until she claims she’s all done. Then we bribe her to eat a bit more. Then we give her gummy vitamins.
“Education” / Activities / Skills

I do some kind of art project with Anna when I get home from work on most days. We do two letter crafts a week (currently on letter H) and then we may do few other projects related to the current season or an upcoming holiday. We recently made a bat handprint and a ghost footprint in honor of Halloween. Not only she gets to do something different, but it also helps with her fine motor skills. She’s getting better at peeling stickers, gluing things, and drawing “smiley” faces.

Anna can solve simple problems such as identifying which picture is different, completing a sequence of events, and she’s really good at matching. She can sort, by color, by size, by shapes. She’s still trying to grasp the concept of counting, though.

When I am at work, I suspect Anna gets a lot of independent play since Grandma simply can’t take care of baby Will and play with her at the same time.

Anna really enjoys reading. I think she finds a lot of comfort in it. Not only she likes to be read to, she also “reads” independently. Whenever I sit down and really listen to what she’s reading, I am always surprised by how much she memorized. Whenever we read to her, we use that as an opportunity to teach her things. Like letter reorganization (upper and lower) and phonics. We are also trying to teach her to read simple words.

She hasn’t show much interest in learning to write. And I admit it – it is something I am trying to push on her. Maybe I am just getting ahead of myself.

But I do that, because…


Anna doesn’t like to go outside her comfort zone. She doesn’t like to try new things. She’s not very adventurous. She likes her routine. I prep her by saying stuff like, “See those school buses, Anna? One day you will have to ride them and go to school!” And she tells me, “No school. I want to just stay home.” Or we would try to mix our playground routine with “Hey Anna, want to go to the zoo today?” She says back, “No thanks. Just park, please.” She prefers to do things her way, and if things don’t go the way she expects, she cries about. It drives me insane!

But we insist, we are firm, we try to convince her and argue with her, and in the end after we do the new thing, she is usually very happy.

Anna has been in that I-want-to-do-it-myself phase for a while now. God forbid if we try to help her. Hubs and I joke that we have to walk on eggshells around her. Asking HER for permission before helping her or she will flip out. Like, she insists on getting her undies out of the drawer in the morning. One time I forgot and got it out for her, she threw a big stink about it. I had to put it back, shut the drawer, just so she could do it herself. But then on some things, she always want our help. It would be soooo much easier if she learns to pull up her pants on her own after going to the potty, but nope. She instructs me “Mama, you do it.”

But despite all this, she’s a kind, gentle, and sweet girl with a sunny personality. She is quiet and mild-mannered when she’s with strangers, but she’s bold and loud when she’s with her family.

It's so awesome that I can have conversations with her, I can reason with her, she can make me laugh.

She’s so expressive and adorable with her words and speech – she’s at a great age.
I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Anna as she hurdles toward being 3 years old!


  1. Who can blame her, I want to stay home all day too. But I think she'll find a nice little routine on her own once she sets foot out our door and into a classroom. With her sweet kind personality, she'll make plenty of friends, even if they end up being of the quiet variety.


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