Will 10 Months Update

It's so easy to love Will. When I look at his chubby self, I just want to scoop him up and give him a tight squeeze. Too bad the little man hardly sits still anymore. From the minute he wakes up to the minute his drops, he's on the move. Unless it's feeding time.

Anyway, onto his 10 months update!
10 Months

We offer Will whatever we eat because I don't want another picky eater. It seems to be working because Will already eats more than Anna ever has. It's such a relieve!

However, we were so used to spoon-feeding him that, up until recently, he never had the opportunity to self-feed. As a result, although he knows to grab the food, he doesn't know to put in his mouth. We are slowly getting him to practice more with self-feeding, but we have a long road ahead of us.

Lately, we have all been sitting at the dining table (as oppose to the kids' table in the family room) and have dinner together. It's our family time together after a long day. I think the kids really like that.

On 9/12/12 (my first REAL day back at work...more about that later), we started supplementing with formula. I don't pump enough to feed him anymore. So he gets two bottles of Mama's milk and two bottles of formula a day. Like a good eater that he is, he has no issues taking formula from the start. We will keep him giving him formula until we run out (all the ones we have are free) and then will start mixing in cow milk as he gets closer to one year old.


Thank goodness nothing to report here. Two naps a day. Sleeps through the night.


It's a horrible thing to say, but I enjoy Will more than I did with Anna when she was his age. Anna was a happy baby, but Will is just a bit happier. He laughs easily and squeals in delight when we talk to him and squeeze him and give him any sort of attention. Sometimes he will bury his head on our shoulders or chest, which is obviously the best. He loves to crawl all over us and hates to be left alone. Definitely a social butterfly! I adore his sloppy wet kisses and the way he body slams on us.

It wasn't until this month when we traveled to NYC that I realized what an easy baby Will is! We were so lax about his normal schedule during the trip, but he didn't get fussy at all. He just slept whenever he could and woke up happy. One thing about Anna was that she never really slept in the car. So having a baby who sleeps in the car is life changing!

Milestones / Favorites

Crawls a ton. It's super cute - when he crawls, he lowers his head and charges ahead without looking. And sometimes he will bump into the wall or the door. Haha.
He waves and claps.
Still no teeth in sight.
Climbs steps. And the slide at the playground.
Pulls himself up and cruises more and more. Sometimes letting go.
Loves to "draw."
Loves his instruments. He once found the two matching cymbal pieces and banged them together, in the correct way!
Like his sister, he loves to splash.

It's hard to believe that Will is turning ONE in two months. I have yet to start thinking about his birthday party. The whole second child syndrome is completely true with Will. I am guilty as charged. But this just means that I will have to get him an extra big present for his birthday!
10 Months


  1. Oh Will, if only you'd stop drooling and let your little face heal up. Then you'd be perfect in every way. But I guess his eczema doesn't ever really affect his personality. Just happy go lucky as usual...


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