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/ We all love these Soft & Juicy Mango slices from Trader Joe's. They are only a buck seventy and worth every penny. I eat a pack a day at work. Seriously. I mentioned it before that Will isn't putting food to his mouth yet, but he will make an exception for these! IMG_9805 / We went on a walk and picked up some leaves. Leaves + Paint = Instant Fall Artwork IMG_9810 / Chilly days are ahead. Today I had to put these hats on the kiddos. So cute. This is one of my favorite pictures of them. Time to go change my cover photo in Facebook. IMG_9816


  1. Fall is finally here. My favorite season of the year. And the four of us will all get to snuggle up together, so long as someone ties Will down or figures out where to pull his little batteries out....

  2. Love the painted leaves idea! We did leaf rubbings with crayons this weekend.

    I heart kids in wooly hats! Great photo!

  3. You know you are doing something right when your children are so full of smiles. :)


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