How I Almost Became A Stay At Home Mom.

Back when I returned to work in May, I didn’t have a project to go on. The nature of a consulting firm is that you must be billable or else you are just costing the company money. So, if you are “on the bench” for too long, it’s typical to get laid off.

Well, this was what happened to me. I sat on the bench from May until early September. It was HEAVEN. Despite our rough July, it was glorious to have all that extra time with Anna and Will over the summer months.

Even sweeter that I was collecting my salary as normal.

But then one day in August, I received the dreaded Lack of Work letter from my company. It basically said that if I don’t find billable work in 4 weeks, I would be laid off on 9/7/12.

Really, I was expecting it. I mean, the company is in for making profits, and keeping me around wasn’t helping. So when I received the LOW letter, I wasn’t upset or disgruntled. Hubs and I talked about it and felt that we could live off on one salary. Sure, a Disney vacation may only happen every 5 years instead of annually, but having a SAHM is a blessing for the kids, right?

Well, except that while I didn’t MIND being a SAHM, I didn’t really WANT to. Being home with the kids 24/7, especially having a husband who travels, sounded downright scary. So while I knew it would be good for the kids, I was only 87% looking forward to it.

Well, as it turned out, the company found a project for me on the very last day of my employment. No one was more shocked than I was. Seriously, my mouth dropped open when I read the email. So they retracted the LOW letter and I have been back at work (for REAL this time) for a week now.

I have to admit, it made my four months off even sweeter-er.

But life is hectic now. I see the kids briefly in the morning and get home around 3:15p. I am still trying to settle into a routine where I spend less time in the kitchen & cleaning and more time with the kids before they are off to bed.

It’s weird – for the last 10 months, from the beginning of my maternity leave (11/15/11) to last Wednesday (9/12/12), I was glued to my little munchkins. Now I see them less than 5 hours a day. I still need to get used to that.

I do think being a Working Mom makes me happier and relaxed and I am a lot more patient when I get home so I am glad how this all played out. It's good to be back in the working world.

Well, ask me again in a month...


  1. Interesting post! I think moms have it incredibly tough. The pressure to be there for your kids and enjoy time with them while they are still young vs. staying in the work force and having more time outside the home (which for many is essential to happiness and patience). It's so hard to choose the "right" path. Sounds like you got a good dose of each though!

    1. Moms have it so much tougher than Dads. And no, I don't think that opinion is biased at all.

  2. Whew... "close call" (so to speak!)

    I've been on the bench for long periods of time - and instead of LOW letters, I get told to write SOPs, User Manuals, and other unappealling things...

    1. They had me working on a few proposals, too. Yes, it was unappealing indeed! Glad your company isn't giving out LOW letters, though.

  3. So maybe I can finally chuck this beater Civic and get that bimmer? Maybe? No? Okay dear...


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