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/ thanks to my friend who invited us to Mobu (which is similar to the play area inside the mall....except it is 100 times better. balls everywhere!). anna had fun!
/ anna hair is finally long enough for a little ponytail. she looks so much like a little big girl now.
ponytail girl
/ sometimes nothing beats playing with chalk out in the driveway.
/ he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
He's baaaaaack.....
(this last picture is a big one. more to follow.)


  1. What a great couple of days leading up to the weekend and an even better weekend with the return of the fuzzy one. Though he does brings along all his shedding.

  2. Aww! Can't wait to hear the details.

  3. Wow, Anna does look like a big girl these days. Where did our babies go?
    You got your dog back?!


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