He's baaaaaaaaack.

Almost a year ago, we gave Pesto away to hubs' sister. Long story short, he was really bugging us, we were spreading thin, and it was for the best.

At that time, we sort of agreed that we would either take Pesto back in a couple of years or she would find a more permanent home for him...whichever came first. On Saturday, we received an email from her saying that she found a new home for Pesto.

It didn't take a long discussion for us to decide that we will bring him home instead. Anna is older now....and having Pesto as playmate may be good for her. And Will is also older now...that I think it may be doable to bring another baby home. Besides, we also just miss having a dog around.


So far, both kids get a kick out of Pesto. Will laughs whenever Pesto sneezes. Anna runs around and gives him attention. I love the fact that our kids will grow up with a dog in their lives.

But, I am sure all the reasons on why we gave him away in the first place will all come back. The barking. The neediness. The shedding. The PEE'ING IN THE HOUSE. But hopefully this time, we will just deal with them better. I really want to make it work this time.

It's not going to be all fun and games. Wish us luck, please.
PS. For long time readers, you may be wondering about Pargo. After we gave Pesto away, we kept Pargo for another 2+ months before finally giving him away as well, shortly after Will was born. We didn't give him away to family, so we haven't seen him since, but I know he's living the good life. He's in a family with no kids and with unlimited amount of chicken & beef. Perfect for the little guy.


  1. Aww I was wondering what had happened to Pargo since I never read that he was given away as well. Happy that Pesto is back and hope that Pargo is loving his new family. It's hard giving them away, but I'm sure it was for the best for you and the family. Raising little ones can't be easy without the added pooches.

  2. Wishing you all the best with Pesto back in the mix. Lauren keeps asking for a dog (she loves them to death).

    I, too, wondered about Pargo. Sounds like he's living the life!

  3. Pargo is probably so fat and happy now, he get's wheeled around in a little wheelbarrow. Pesto, on the other hand, is getting harassed by little kids that can't seem to get enough of the fuzzy white creature. Will giggles every time Pesto sneezes these days. Now about all those little white hairs floating around the house now...

  4. I hope Pesto is nothing but excellent behavour!


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