a Playseum outing

Gosh, during these lazy dog days of summer, it's tough to keep up the blogging routine! Even though it's not realistic for me to post something every day, I do want to shout hellos every once in a while. It's getting even harder now that I joined Facebook. I am so temped to just upload some pictures there and call it a day. But. I am not ready to abandon my blog yet. Hopefully I will get my blogging groove back this fall.

So...I took Anna to the Playseum. This little place is basically a Children's Museum, but in a much much MUCH smaller scale, and it is also a used bookstore. I had been excited to take her there and was hoping that this was a place I could take her to again and again....but, it was a total let-down. The whole place was sort of like someone's basement (nothing wrong with that), but it was also dirty and OLD. Although the staff were friendly, I thought to myself that I wouldn't come back again even if it was free.

Anna seemed to like it, though. The first and last time I took her to a Children's Museum was when she was just a year and half. A little too young. This time, she knew exactly what was going on. Definitely want to take her to another real Children's Museum in the near future.

On the way back home, this was our conversation:

Anna: Mama, did you have fun today?
Me: It was OK. Did Anna have fun?
Anna: Yes, Mama. Anna had fun.
Me (smiling): Awww. Then Mama had fun too!

I still wouldn't go back again, though.


  1. Sausage & MushroomsAugust 10, 2012 at 11:31 AM

    Oooh, next time we can get Anna to make us pizza for dinner!

  2. looks like Anna had a fun time; that's all that matters. my girls love children's museums. Actually so do I. I love all the cool mini set ups!

  3. So cool! I wish we had one down here. And how sweet is that little conversation. I love that part of this age.

  4. Haha, you gave this such a bum review, but the funny thing is that it still looks cool (because you took such good pictures!) and I am thinking I gotta take Sasha there!:) So good try but you still haven't turned us off enough!:) Next time, you gotta make sure your photos are not as good!

  5. :) I thought she was tracking a package being delivered by UPS.

    So cute!


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