Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Big Apple!

I thought our trip to NYC would be nothing but stress, but it turned out to be a nice getaway. Don't get me wrong, it was still a lot of hassle handling kids away from home, but I can honestly say it was mostly enjoyable.

I was most surprised with how good Anna + Will were in the car. I am so proud of Anna. She has come a long way since her last long trip to the Outer Banks. We relied a lot on baby shows to keep her entertained in the car during that 6+ hour drive. This time? She happily chatted with us, played with Pooh bear, and KEPT QUIET when Will napped. She did so good. And speaking of Will....the little man napped like a champ in the car. Seriously, I was totally dreading the drive, but it couldn't had gone better. I want to plan more road trips in the future now. :)

We went to NYC for hubs' sister's wedding. The wedding itself was a blur, to be honest. I didn't even really get to enjoy my meal with two kids to wrangle. And normally, I love taking pictures, especially at a special event, but this was the only picture I got of the bride and groom:
But besides the wedding, we also squeezed in Central Park and Brooklyn Bridge Park. I knew we couldn't do much with a toddler and a baby, so we kept it very simple. Anna really enjoyed all the various playgrounds she played at, especially the ones at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park. The facilities were new and clean. Both kids had a blast at the
Water Lab. In fact, Anna said she wanted to take off her shorts and shirt. I was glad to find this little gem. After Pier 6, we walked along the waterfront to Pier 1. All along the way, we got to see the skyscrapers of Manhattan. The kids didn't care, but I liked it.
brooklyn park
Oh, and Central Park. I have been there many times, but this time was definitely my favorite. We came here right before we went to the wedding...that's why I was wearing a dress and pearls, in case you were wondering.
central park
When we saw the $250+ hotel rate for a small room in Manhattan, we knew that staying with my uncle in Queens was the way to go. Yes, it was more trouble, but we got to spend time with family that we hardly see and we also ate lots of good food in Flushing, NY. But MOST OF ALL, we realized how grown-up Anna is now and how she can be talked and reasoned with. At my cousin's house, hubs and I had to run next door to my uncle's to get something for Will and left Anna at the dining table with my relatives...people that she wasn't familiar with. It might not sound like a big deal for most kids and parents, but for Anna and us, it was huge. When we returned, the first thing we heard was her laughter.
So, this was our NYC trip in a nutshell. Definitely a lot more memories than I could put in words here...like how Will made the whole line at Grimaldi's Pizzeria laugh. Haha, that was the best! But anyway, NYC was a really good trip. I am so glad we took the plunge and did it. Now I want more road trips, please!

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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

He's baaaaaaaaack.

Almost a year ago, we gave Pesto away to hubs' sister. Long story short, he was really bugging us, we were spreading thin, and it was for the best.

At that time, we sort of agreed that we would either take Pesto back in a couple of years or she would find a more permanent home for him...whichever came first. On Saturday, we received an email from her saying that she found a new home for Pesto.

It didn't take a long discussion for us to decide that we will bring him home instead. Anna is older now....and having Pesto as playmate may be good for her. And Will is also older now...that I think it may be doable to bring another baby home. Besides, we also just miss having a dog around.


So far, both kids get a kick out of Pesto. Will laughs whenever Pesto sneezes. Anna runs around and gives him attention. I love the fact that our kids will grow up with a dog in their lives.

But, I am sure all the reasons on why we gave him away in the first place will all come back. The barking. The neediness. The shedding. The PEE'ING IN THE HOUSE. But hopefully this time, we will just deal with them better. I really want to make it work this time.

It's not going to be all fun and games. Wish us luck, please.
PS. For long time readers, you may be wondering about Pargo. After we gave Pesto away, we kept Pargo for another 2+ months before finally giving him away as well, shortly after Will was born. We didn't give him away to family, so we haven't seen him since, but I know he's living the good life. He's in a family with no kids and with unlimited amount of chicken & beef. Perfect for the little guy.

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Sunday, August 19, 2012

recently /

/ thanks to my friend who invited us to Mobu (which is similar to the play area inside the mall....except it is 100 times better. balls everywhere!). anna had fun!
/ anna hair is finally long enough for a little ponytail. she looks so much like a little big girl now.
ponytail girl
/ sometimes nothing beats playing with chalk out in the driveway.
/ he's baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaack.
He's baaaaaack.....
(this last picture is a big one. more to follow.)

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Friday, August 17, 2012

Will 9 Months Update

It's hard to believe that Will is 3 months away from turning ONE YEAR OLD. He's my little giggly + sunshine-y baby boy and I just love spending time with him. Although Will was sick again for a week this month with a runny nose, it didn't stop from smiling or slow him down from playing. He's just a happy baby all around.

Eat & Sleep

Will drinks about a total of 880cc of milk a day (220cc x 4). He drinks when he wakes up in the morning, again before his two naps, and then at bedtime. In between, he's offered three meals of solids. In addition to his purees, yogurt, and fruit smoothies, he eats whatever we wave in front of him. I love that he's so easy to feed, even without any teeth!

After 7+ months of interrupted sleep, Will started sleeping through the night between 7-8 months. I am happy that he's continuing the trend. We put him down between 6:30-7p and he sleeps until 6 - 6:30a. Sometimes he plays mischievous and gets up at 5a, like today, but usually after I feed him, he goes back to sleep until 6:30a or later. As for naps, there are good days and really bad days. He definitely takes 2 naps a day, but the length of them can vary from 30 minutes to 2 hours. Luckily, they are usually at least an hour long.


Will loves musical instruments. He adores banging on the keys of the piano. Unlike Anna when she was his age, he sits on my lap and watches me play for a long(ish) time. He's a boy so he's happiest when he has a ball to play with, but I will say that Melissa & Doug Band in a Box is a close second. He crawls over, pulls the tray of instruments from under the couch, and self-entertains. It's great.

His favorite playmate is his sister. Okay, so he really doesn't have any options, but they really do play well together. He follows her around and miles whenever she gives him any sort of attention, even if it means being hit on the head or having his toys taken away. He doesn't complain and just goes with the flow. The other day, they wrestled on my parents' couch. They just rolled around, laughed, and had a good time!

Milestones & Personality

So, as I mentioned, Will still got no teeth. But he drools like crazy! We don't have enough bibs to keep up.

He climbs steps. Without any help. We just follow closely behind, but he does it all on his own.

He pulls himself up easily. But he rarely cruises...unless something is out of reach. He takes a few steps with his walker.

He crawls SUPER FAST. Faster than Anna ever did.

He likes to scream.

He drinks from a sippy cup and a straw cup.

He makes the sounds mamama and dadada.

He cries or fusses when we are out of sight. Especially for his Mama.

He generally warms up to people quickly.9months
9 Months
Stats: 22 lbs 10 oz // 28 inches

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Thursday, August 9, 2012

a Playseum outing

Gosh, during these lazy dog days of summer, it's tough to keep up the blogging routine! Even though it's not realistic for me to post something every day, I do want to shout hellos every once in a while. It's getting even harder now that I joined Facebook. I am so temped to just upload some pictures there and call it a day. But. I am not ready to abandon my blog yet. Hopefully I will get my blogging groove back this fall.

So...I took Anna to the Playseum. This little place is basically a Children's Museum, but in a much much MUCH smaller scale, and it is also a used bookstore. I had been excited to take her there and was hoping that this was a place I could take her to again and again....but, it was a total let-down. The whole place was sort of like someone's basement (nothing wrong with that), but it was also dirty and OLD. Although the staff were friendly, I thought to myself that I wouldn't come back again even if it was free.

Anna seemed to like it, though. The first and last time I took her to a Children's Museum was when she was just a year and half. A little too young. This time, she knew exactly what was going on. Definitely want to take her to another real Children's Museum in the near future.

On the way back home, this was our conversation:

Anna: Mama, did you have fun today?
Me: It was OK. Did Anna have fun?
Anna: Yes, Mama. Anna had fun.
Me (smiling): Awww. Then Mama had fun too!

I still wouldn't go back again, though.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Anna is potty trained!

It's been a little less than a month since we started potty training, and I am happy to report that Anna is a pro at using the potty now! Basically after I wrote the last update, a light bulb must had gone off because everything has been (almost) smooth sailing since. She uses the potty all on her own. She does the number two like it is no big deal. She wakes up dry from her naps. And the other night, she woke us up in the middle of the night to use the potty.

Okay, I will admit it. Sometimes if she hasn't gone in a while, I still need to get on her case about it. Sometimes she will pee RIGHT NEXT TO THE POTTY as she pulls her shorts down. (Seriously?!) But accidents like that are getting fewer and far-er in between and I am pretty sure it will be non-existent eventually.

When we are out, she's good about using public bathroom. Before we go out, I make sure she uses the potty. About an hour later while we are out, I will take her to the bathroom myself. And then again an hour or so later. I am pretty sure she would tell us or hold it if she really has to go, but so far, I just take a more proactive approach when we are out.

Looking back, I think the biggest mistake I made was expecting Anna to be trained in 3 days. When she was still have accidents on Day 4, I was frustrated and impatient. It was also bad timing that we happened to have a house guest staying with us during those early days AND hubs' dad working on the bathroom. With all that going on, I should had practiced even more patience with her. I will do better with Will.

When we decided to start potty training, it wasn't because Anna showed us any signs that she was ready or interested. Like, she would actually go to another room to poop, come back all smelly, and act as if nothing happened. Even after we asked her if she pooped, she still responded with a "no." So yeah, poopy diapers didn't gross her out. But we went for it anyway because we just wanted her trained already. Definitely glad we pushed her because I knew she was capable of using the potty. If we had waited until she was ready, we would probably still be waiting.

I am sure there will still be issues here and there, but I am happy with where we are and I am calling her potty trained. Yay, Anna! Yay, me! :)
I am a big kid now!
I am a big kid now!

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