Will's Big Milestone

Will crawled on his hands and knees for the first time 3 days before he turned 8 months old - on 7/12/2012. I remember it exactly because hubs was in NYC and I texted him: Will is crawling on his knees today! Almost a week later, hubs asked me if I had recorded a video of Will's big milestone. I hadn't. :(

At last, we finally have it on videos now. The first one was taken on Thursday...moving like a little caterpillar. Then today, the second video, he's zooming a lot faster. I am afraid that in two more days, I wouldn't be able to keep up. We are in all sort of trouble with this guy. I already know it.

Here is a video of his sister's first crawl. Just for fun.


  1. Still can't believe how much this guy likes to move. Too bad this crawling stage won't be lasting for too long. The more prep time we can get before he's upright, the better.

  2. way to go Will. I agree, he'll be on 2 legs soon!

  3. 實在太可愛了!


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