Will 8 Months Update

8 Months
This post was only supposed to be a day late, but I got hit with mastitis yet again four days ago. Although a lot milder than the first time, I still didn't have the energy to blog. I am feeling better....so here we go with the 8 months update! My boy is getting so big!


If there is anything Will loves, it is eating. During mealtime, he bangs on the table for food. If we don't feed him fast enough, he lets out angry fusses. He seriously will eat whatever we put in front of him. I can only hope that his huge appetite carries through toddlerhood.

I thought it was hilarious that when he was sick for about 5 days this month, he still ate like a champ and didn't lose a single ounce.

He's drinks about 800cc of milk a day. After getting hit with mastitis for the THIRD time, I am so ready to just put my pump away. I am still pumping 3x a day and I can't wait until I don't have to do it anymore. Maybe I would actually get some free time back!


Hip hip hooray! Will sleeps through the night now! Life is good. We put him down anywhere from 6:30 to 7p, depending on when he wakes up from his second nap, and he sleeps until 5 to 6a in the morning. I wish his wake-up time is a bit later, but I can't complain. If he wakes up at 5a, we can give him his bottle and he may fall back to sleep. If he wakes up after 5:30a, then he's up for good.

For a good part of this month, Will was napping terribly. Like 30 minutes per nap. But now we are gradually getting better again. Will is awake for about 2.5 hours before his first nap....then 3 hours before his second nap...then about 4 hours before his bed time.


The biggest milestone this month is that he went from belly crawling to crawling on 4s! It was pretty exciting to watch him figuring how to move around. There is such a big difference between Anna and Will. When Anna learned to crawl, she was very good about not touching cables/wires, staying away from the stairs, and generally staying in the same vicinity of where we put her. Will? I think we actually have to baby proof the house and buy those things that secure bookshelves.

He's also pulling himself up to stand. And he can climb the one step we have from the family room to the breakfast nook. Climbing the stairs is his next goal - I see him hanging out at the bottom of the steps a lot.

He loves to explore and touch things. We plop him on the floor, give him a ball, and he can entertain himself for a while.

He's makes tons of cute noise. Sounds like lalala and mamama and dadada.


The only headache we deal with Will is his never-ending eczema. We have used all sorts of cream on him, but nothing really works 100% since he rubs his face in the crib as he falls asleep. Whenever it gets a bit better, it gets bad again. He has had these red rash-y skin around his mouth for basically the entire month. But regardless, I am his Mama and I think he's one handsome little guy!

Life with Anna

With only 20 months between them, I hope Anna and Will will be good playmates later. He already loves to follow Anna around like a pesky little brother. And like a typical brother, he gets into her things so we hear a lot of "Will! No touch Anna's stuff!" But Anna is also so helpful with Will. She brings him toys and offers him food. Once they start really playing together, hubs and I may actually able to relax.
8 Months
I say this all the time, but I really need to enjoy these moments because they are fleeting. And take more pictures! And more videos! Hug him more. Squeeze him more. It's such a bittersweet moment. I want him to grow up so us as a family can have fun adventures together, but I also want him to remain itty-bitty so I can hold him in my arms forever. I guess the next best thing is to just enjoy each stage as they come.

Love my little guy.


  1. I think we need to put one of those Warning signs around this kid's kneck. He just can't seem to stay out of trouble. I was really looking forward to seeing him crawl, but now I don't think that's such a good idea. We always made fun of parents that use those leash things on their kids. But now I fear that we may need one of those things just to keep that guy in check. Not sure what to expect now once he learns to walk . . .


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