sister & brother

Just this past week, Anna and Will have started playing together! This is exciting news because it's so fun to watch them interact, but it is also a chance for us to get a break. The other day, I put the both of them in the crib and they entertained each other for a good 10 minutes (!!!) while I sat in the rocking chair and supervised. During bath time, the hubs put them both in the tub and they drum away happily. They make each other laugh with a game of tug of war.

As they get older, I dream of them playing with blocks, reading books, and building a fort. TOGETHER. In harmony. While hubs and watch TV. But then again, I don't remember spending time with my two older brothers like that. I just remember bickering with them. A lot. And my parents had to play referee.

Anyway, these pictures were taken at Meadowlark Gardens yesterday. Both kids woke up from their naps early and we still had the whole afternoon ahead of us. After a mostly rough July, it was nice to end it with a nice day out. We all enjoyed it.


  1. Beautiful place! I can't wait for the sibling playtime. I'm sure there will be many nice moments among the fights. I remember a ton of fights with my sister, but I also remember a lot of good times too.

    1. Yeah, it's one of our favorite places. There is a children's garden that Anna really likes. And we love the lake area since we got married there.

  2. It's funny, the girls play together some days and other days they want nothing to do with each other. Can't win with kids. You just have to roll with it!

    beautiful gardens!

  3. So adorable. And a beautiful place to hang out.


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