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// future pianists? we will see. right now, the piano is just an excellent way to kill time.
future concert pianists
// i can't live, if living is without ella's kitchen smoothie fruit pouch. okay, not really, but it is such a convenient snack. anna eats it in the car and everyone is happy.
yum...the yellow one!
// hubs got a new job and a new phone so i inherited his old one. i am a few decades behind and this is actually my first smartphone. love that i can do all my blog reading, email checking, and browsing away from the computer. it's a brand new world.
love my *new* smartphone
// this is a 4T top, but perfect as a dress right now.
top turned dress


  1. Bathroom RemodelerJuly 26, 2012 at 5:42 PM

    Someone has been busy lately snapping random pics. But yes, old phones still are useful even without a service plan. Just need to stay off these things or Anna will learn more than just the word 'browse'.

  2. I guess I'm behind the times too...and you're ahead of me. I still don't own a smart phone yet!

    1. Now I know why people are glued to their smart phones! It's addicting.

  3. 台灣叫智慧型手機,好用噢,我隨時可看到妳可愛的寶貝!

  4. Is it bad that I want a little fruit smoothie pouch for myself? Yummy...


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