The Potty Training Saga continues...

We are now 1.5 weeks into this potty training and here are the latest happenings.

: Anna can now take off her pants and sit on the potty chair all on her own.
: Wiping and putting on pants is still a bit iffy, though.
: Alternatively, she can also get on the toilet trainer using the stool.
: When we are out, she uses a little travel potty I just bought for her.
: We have successfully gone out 4 times. All without accidents! Using public restrooms!
: Granted they were small outings to story time, grocery store, the mall, and art class.
: Using the potty for number two is getting to be less traumatic.
: The past few days now, she averages less than 1 accident a day.
: Overall, there still some resistance to using the potty, but I am super proud of her!

We still need to work on:

: Teaching her to TELL US when she needs to go. Right now we still need to remind her.
: Or even better, to have her just go on her own since she can do everything herself.
: Do a better job of announcing whenever WE use the potty. Talk about it often.
: Keep up with giving her prune juice every day.

Without a doubt, Anna understands that pee pee and poop go in potty. She also understands that she only wears underwear now and only baby Will wears diapers. But I think, like a typical toddler, she just doesn't want to take the time to go use the bathroom when she could be playing. I hope she will eventually go all on her own, because I don't consider her potty trained if we have to remind her every single time.
Pardon me for all the potty talk lately! I have become quite a mommy blogger. I just think that it will be beneficial to have this written down when it's time to train Will. Speaking of Will, he turned EIGHT months old today. And he's crawling. On HANDS and KNEES crawling. Full update tomorrow.


  1. Way to go Anna! (& you guys, for being patient parents!) *sigh* we'll get there eventually...
    But I have to agree, it's not really finished until they will tell you, right!? Is it sad that I'm already dreading going through this phase with baby #2? :)

  2. Need More Stepping StoolsJuly 20, 2012 at 8:37 AM

    Well, it's all done [ I think ]. After two looong weeks in a stressful house, Mama finally flipped the switch on our little Anna. I'm sure there will be accidents here and there over the coming years, but at least one kid is mostly off of diapers.

    Too bad Mama's pumping woes dampened the celebration a bit. If it's not one thing - it's another.


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